Ayurvedic Tea

There is no better cup of tea than being able to mix and match fresh ingredients of your own!

For some reason, this never dawned on me as an option, until my recent Ayurvedic cooking class in Sri Lanka.

For this morning's cup of team, I have chosen to include: Cardamon, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, fresh lime juice.

I used a coffee grinder, received my desired consistency and then, without a tea bag - added some fresh tea directly into my cup of boiling water.

Pomegranet and Sweet Potatoe Salad (Gluten-Free & Vegan)

Too many times I hear “How do you manage a life with food allergies?”.  For me, I have found it a blessing in disguise. I was forced to emerge from my own comfort zone and try new things. I’ve grown to become a foodie snob and I literally wake up- think about food and what can I create - eat- think more about food- sleep- repeat.

The lesson here is- never let a “set back” set you BACK. Find the positive in everything and learn to love your imperfections- which are really your perfections in their own unique forms.

I’m on Day 3 of 4 of an all-day training and I packed my sweet potato pomegranate salad- yum yum! 

- White Sweet Potato
- Orange Sweet Potato
- Fresh Cilantro
- Lemon Juice
- Ginger
- Tumeric
- Black Pepper
- Pomegranate seeds 

- Steam Sweet Potatoes. Prep your pomegranate. Mix all spices and herbs together. Mix all ingredients together. Enjoy! warm or cold. 

Allergy Free Sri Lankan Thanksgiving

I have to admit, I am still in denial that I need to return back to the "real-life" after having a life-changing experience in Sri Lanka.

Immediately prior to my flight home, I became very ill. I managed to make it through all of my flights (with some delays) and arrived back to the U.S in Philadelphia, PA - walked outside and BOOM - reality smacked me right in the face. The temperature was much lower than when I had left, snow was falling, and my sister, who thought she was providing a gift to me, was placing holiday music! NO! My brain was racing, can I afford to just turn right back around and head back to Sri Lanka?

Then reality sinks in and you realize that life goes on and for now, you need to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

Monday was rough - still not feeling well, I struggled to get back to work and recall falling asleep at one point in time. Tuesday was another rough day and I escaped back to my parents' - (yes, I am a grown adult but so…

Airline Gluten-Free Foods

One of my largest annoyances with Airlines today - they can't accommodate more than one food preference. So, me, being both gluten-free and at minimum vegetarian, I had to choose between one or the other.

With that being said, the gluten allergy will actually kill me, looks like I am going to have to request a gluten-free dish and hope that some vegetarian options are also offered. 
For this particular journey, I was flying British Airlines and Sri Lanka Airlines, both operated by American Airlines.

My first meal was on British Airlines
Dinner: A Fruit cup, small side salad, rice cake and a gluten-free ravioli in a vodka red pepper sauce.
Verdict: This meal did not sit well with me. I felt extremely ill afterward. I also felt as if the entire meal sat out and was nowhere near fresh.

My second meal was on British Airlines
Breakfast: Yogurt, Melon Salad, a Gluten-free and vegan banana nut bar
Verdict: This was a decent meal, the bar was actually pretty delicious. I el…

Sri Lanka Cinnamon Tour

While in Sri Lanka, I had the honor to see first hand how cinnamon is harvested. Which is funny, because the night prior, while I could not sleep, I was researching as much as possible about cinnamon and what I would be able to see and not see and it was clear that tourists are no longer able to visit and see first-hand how cinnamon is harvested. I awoke the next day and assumed we would head towards cinnamon island to get my cinnamon fix. 

Our driver, Eshan, pulled over a number of times and would speak to the locals. I had no idea what he was saying but assumed he was asking for directions.

We arrived at our destination, Eshan hustled us out and started educating us on the cinnamon trees we were walking past.

I realized we were not near an island where I would board a boat and head out to the cinnamon island. Instead, Eshan had arranged for a private 1:1 cinnamon making tour. I was approaching tears I was so touched!

At home, almost every meal I eat as cinnamon in it, I drink tea wi…

Gluten-Free and Vegan In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - Getting Lost In TravelBy nfiamingo06 Nov 2017 6:30 pm
Chilling in the airport

Philadelphia International Airport (A)After having trouble with security check-in (my passport set the x-ray specialist to investigate), Maureen and I took the opportunity to have a quick dinner and drinks before we began our international journey.10:00 pm
Stuck on the terminal

Philadelphia international AirportAfter a 30-minute wait, we had been informed, engine number one was causing some issues and wouldn't automatically start - instead of freaking out, why not start a movie while we wait for the mechanics to come manually start engine number one.07 Nov 201712:00 am
Gluten-Free American Airlines Meal

Philadelphia International Airport (B)It’s just about midnight and due to the delay in engine number one starting, we are just now getting our dinner - the good news, special request meals get served first! A perk of being gluten-free!

Since both Maureen and I were freezing, I truly welcome…