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Trial and Error

First project of the day, Spinach Pancakes. I saw a ton of left over spinach in my fridge and I was craving pancakes... so Spinach Pancakes! I googled spinach pancakes and found this recipe
4 or 5 handfuls of spinach3 eggs3/4 cup flour (I used Garbanzo Bean)  Start by adding all the ingredients in the blender. Pulse until well mixed.

Then place on a non-stick skillet and cook just like any other pancake.
This is where I ran into a bit of trouble.... I have always stunk and flipping pancakes. A. I get to anxious and I flip them before they are ready and B. I am just not coordinated.

After getting the flipping part figured out, the pancakes actually came out rather cute :D and the taste wasn't too bad either. I put some salsa and cheese on top and made a delicious open-face "sandwich"

Second project of the day... For a long time now I have contemplated making a vegan Mac and Cheese. However, after I failed to make a tasty Vegan Pumpkin Alfredo I have been a bit he…

Sunshine :D

Yay!! Today is a great day for me! All is working in my favor, it's my day home from school so I have had the time to finally get a lot accomplished! To put the cherry on top of my day, it is beautiful and sunny outside! I love when the sun shines in through the windows!  :D 
While I am getting my resume updated for one of my classes, it got me thinking of a year ago when I was graduating with my bachelor's degree. Anyhow, for my graduation party I made the most delicious and simple gluten free crunch ice cream cake. I found the recipe on One Perfect Bite. Recipe: 1 (12-oz.) package semisweet chocolate chips  2/3 cup smooth peanut butter (I used organic) 6 cups (gluten free of course) crispy rice cereal 1 gallon vanilla ice cream  (those who are lactose intolerant, coconut ice cream is great alternative)
Basically you are going to melt down the ch…

Gluten Free Pizza (Jules Thin Crust Pizza)

I was supposed to have a finance final today, however due to the snow (or lack there of) it looks like the class is canceled. Even more annoying, I am still scheduled to have the remainder of my classes today.
I guess it leaves me with a little bit of free time this morning to blog about one of my favorite gluten free pizza restaurants! Jules Thin Crust Pizza! Jules pizza is the best by far, but keep in mind this is not your typical "pizza joint", as the menu choices range from Fig jam, gorgonzola, prosciutto, rosemary, arugula, mozzarella pizza, to Brie, sliced pears, toasted almonds, rosemary, mozzarella pizza. Jules's uses only the finest organic ingredients, and the freshness is evident until the last bite! Included are just a couple of the pizza combination I have tried. The pear and brie choice is very addicting, so be prepared to eat the entire pizza by yourself, because sharing is not an option when it comes to this pizza combination! The Fig jam with pro…

The last of the weekend...

It seems to becoming a usual for me to do a lot of cooking on Sundays. I find it easier to create my school lunches ahead of time, and not wait until that morning and factoring in an additional 30-40 minutes less sleep. We all know how that goes…

This week’s menu...I figured Monday I would some enjoy King Soba noodles (my absolute favorite gluten free pasta, literally takes like 10 minutes to make!) Having some difficulty tracking these noodles down, I have finally found them at the Food For All Market (Germantown, PA) It's a fairly new store, but the atmosphere is warm and staff members are rather helpful. While the store carries a lot of the usual products (things you can find pretty much anywhere else) they have a great selection of products that are hard to find. Here are a couple of my favorites.

1.King Soba Noodles 2.Christina Maser Jams, my favorite thus far is, Apricot Lime 3.Breads from Anna Cranberry Pancake Mix

Hello again
This week has been a rather busy week for me, at times I thought I would never make it to the weekend...TGIF. Speaking of TGIF, remember the old TV line up??!?  Its seems, despite paying good money, that there is rarely anything on TV these days.  I do however find myself, and this is all thanks to my dad, watching a bit too much NCIS. Thank you dad :D
Anyhow, I want share a great gluten free find for anyone that is in the Philadelphia, PA area. Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse. I had the opportunity to finally visit this week and of course preplanned what I was going to order. With no doubt I choose the brown rice pasta with the applewood smoked chicken, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and walnut cream. The food was excellent, price was reasonable, and the service was great. But best of all, my stomach did not have a negative reaction. For those of you that share the gluten free lifestyle with me, you know exactly what I am talking about. A restaurant claims they are gl…

My Very First Blog EVER!

So here I am blogging...finally! I have contemplated creating a blog for some time now...but I always seems to find some reason or another not to begin, probably because my life is already complicated enough.

I suppose I should start with some sort of introduction to my site. Let me begin by explaining my blog name. The "GF" stands for gluten free and the "Flamingo" is a family joke.
I was diagnosed and began by gluten free adventures in February of 2006. While I still have many days when I feel as if I am new to the gluten free world, I have come a long way. I have however, had many failures. The bread not cooking all the way without burning the outside, or pasta that taste like mush. Throughout my adventures I have found a number of gluten free products and recipes that I truly enjoy, and I would like to share them for all those who are gluten intolerant and are looking for some new ideas. So here we go! My newest addiction, chocolate-peanut butter-banana-date …