Gluten Free Pizza (Jules Thin Crust Pizza)

I was supposed to have a finance final today, however due to the snow (or lack there of) it looks like the class is canceled. Even more annoying, I am still scheduled to have the remainder of my classes today.
I guess it leaves me with a little bit of free time this morning to blog about one of my favorite gluten free pizza restaurants! Jules Thin Crust Pizza! Jules pizza is the best by far, but keep in mind this is not your typical "pizza joint", as the menu choices range from Fig jam, gorgonzola, prosciutto, rosemary, arugula, mozzarella pizza, to Brie, sliced pears, toasted almonds, rosemary, mozzarella pizza. Jules's uses only the finest organic ingredients, and the freshness is evident until the last bite!
Included are just a couple of the pizza combination I have tried. The pear and brie choice is very addicting, so be prepared to eat the entire pizza by yourself, because sharing is not an option when it comes to this pizza combination! The Fig jam with prosciutto topping was the perfect salt combination. 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


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