Hello again

This week has been a rather busy week for me, at times I thought I would never make it to the weekend...TGIF. Speaking of TGIF, remember the old TV line up??!?  Its seems, despite paying good money, that there is rarely anything on TV these days.  I do however find myself, and this is all thanks to my dad, watching a bit too much NCIS. Thank you dad :D

Anyhow, I want share a great gluten free find for anyone that is in the Philadelphia, PA area. Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse. I had the opportunity to finally visit this week and of course preplanned what I was going to order. With no doubt I choose the brown rice pasta with the applewood smoked chicken, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and walnut cream. The food was excellent, price was reasonable, and the service was great. But best of all, my stomach did not have a negative reaction. For those of you that share the gluten free lifestyle with me, you know exactly what I am talking about. A restaurant claims they are gluten free, however you find out shortly after your first bite that the claim is not authentic, and that you will be suffering for at least a week!

Well, enjoy your weekend everyone!


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