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Purple Cauliflower

Yup, dad was right! Purple cauliflower does taste just like the normal whiter version. Delicious with some steamed cabbage and meatballs!

Percy Street Barbecue

Today, my little sister and dad came into the area to check out on of the local schools. Unfortunately, the school turned out to not be a winner. However, our lunch was amazing, and officially one of my new favorite places! Percy Street Barbecue menu is entirely gluten free friendly. All of their meets and sides are gluten free, and with the exception of the bun their sandwich options are gluten free as well. Out of the four of us, 3 of us chose the Pulled Pork. I choose to include the Pinto Beans as my additional side, while the others chose the German Potato Salad. While our meat was outstanding, we couldn't decide if our sides where equally great or better! ENJOY!

Rain Rain Go Away!

I prefer to start my mornings off nice and slow. I am that girl who wakes up super early, just to enjoy some peace with a cup of tea all to myself before the day starts. I usually get up, make the bed, put the water on for my tea, water the flowers, and sit down to my computer for some breakfast. This morning however, went all wrong!

I got just up to the point that I had poured the milk into my cereal (of course I chose cereal for breakfast this morning), and then I heard the rain! Oh how I was wrong, it was not the rain that I was hearing, it was my bathroom flooding!

What is a girl to do? Why of course, call her daddy! Anyhow, problem solved (something about pressure in the pipes), but it still left me with soggy cereal and a rushed morning. So I ate soggy cereal and restarted my morning, and told myself today is going to be a GREAT day!

Let me start with congratulations to my baby sister for her first college acceptance letter, which by the way included a scholarship offer! Way to …

Cabbage Cabbage Cabbage!

What to do with leftover Cabbage? Why not make a healthy cabbage salad!

Some shredded cabbageSome shredded carrotsHoneyJuice of a lemonGreek YogurtCraisonsDried apricotsToasted coconutNo measurements, just mix it all together to your taste preference! 

It's Pizza Day :D

This weather is such a tease!  Last week spring was looking promising, while today we have RAIN!  It is a cold, damp, disgusting day. Thankfully today is my day home from classes ( I do need to motivate myself to start studying for a mid-term!), so I figured I had plenty of time to take the opportunity and bake or cook something.

When I was little, my mother always made the effort to make rainy days fun. She would have the four of us watch movies, create tents/forts, and we always baked (cookies usually)! Being my apartment kitchen is so tiny, I don't have anything on hand to make a baked good, so instead I decided PIZZA, another childhood favorite! And of course I will be sure to send some of my creation home to my little sister who gave gluten up for lent and seems to be struggling with it a good bit. 

The recipe:
2 1/4 cups of Millet Flour 1/4 cup buckwheat flour1 teaspoon baking soda1 teaspoon of minced garlic1 1/4 cup warm water1 tablespoon honey1/4 cup of Greek yogurt1/2 tabl…

Organic Grass-Fed Ground Turkey

I bought some organic grass-fed ground turkey at Whole Foods and decided to make a couple of meals out of it for the week.

First Recipe, Stuffed Cabbage:
Ground TurkeyMinced GarlicOnionsPeppers ( I used a mix of red, yellow and green)CarrotsMustardRosemaryThymeChili powderCabbageTomato sauce Instructions, simply steam the cabbage leafs until tender and then quickly place them in cool (or ice cold) water. Mix the remaining ingredients together to create your ground turkey mixture. Then simply stuff the cabbage leafs, and place into a pot with about half a jar of tomato sauce. Then pour the remaining tomato sauce over the cabbage rolls and cook on low for about an hour/ hour and a half.

I figured while I was already cooking ground turkey, I minds as well use the rest of the meat and make turkey meatballs!
And, I also made some chicken stock with kale, and placed that in my freezer containers. This way when I need it I can just pull out the perfect portion.  While it may no…

Distrito Restaurant Review

I have had the opportunity of dinning at Distrito Restaurant a number of times. While the lunch menu is reasonably priced for the city of Philadelphia, dinner on the other hand is a bit too expensive for the portions you receive (at least this is the opinion of a poor college student). It seems as if you are paying for dinner, yet receive an appetizer portion.

Dinner time also seems to struggle with poor service; as the waiters forget to refill your drinks, don't provide the endless bowl of chips and salsa, and take a long time to respond to any of their customers' concerns. As far as the food goes, I stick with only about four of the menu options haven't had much luck enjoying the other menu options). 

My most recent visit to Distrito was during a visit to Philadelphia to tour a nearby school with my little sister. Distrito was a perfect option, as I tend to think their atmosphere is great for "tourists". I took advantage of the lunch special (pick two items for…

Virago Baking Company

After finding the Virago Baking Company online, I decided to check it out for myself. I have to say, I was a tad bit disappointed. To start with, the company does not have a large sign so when you are driving and trying find the store front it gets a bit tricky! Upon walking into the store, most baked goods are not labeled in their cases so it is hard to decipher between what is gluten free and what is not.

I choose to split a large triple chocolate cupcake with a friend of mine, huge disappointment! I was expecting a chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and chocolate icing! Instead, I was given a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate cream-like filling and chocolate icing. The chocolate filling was a bit too rich and the cupcake was somewhat frozen?! Anyhow it turns out that the majority of their gluten free options are kept in a freezer, which is located in their back room. Great idea, great look, but marketed all wrong!

Gluten Free Ratio Rally

Just a friendly reminder to check out the Gluten Free Ratio Rally, hosted by Gluten Free Girl and The Chef!

Gluten Free Restaurant Reviews

My finals have just about wrapped up, so now I can refocus on blogging again!
I want to take the time to commend one of my all time favorite gluten free restaurants.

Grandma's Grotto (Horsham, PA)

Grandma's Grotto is heaven for anyone on a gluten free diet! They offer an abundance of gluten free entrees and desserts, and what you don't see on their menu, they have in their freezer for take home. One of their freezer items that I wish would move to their in-house menu, is their gluten free Stromboli!

Grandma's entree portions will leave you stuffed and unable to take on their dessert. That is, until they bring the dessert tray out to you, than you are hooked and must try at least one of the gorgeous cakes. I have had the pleasure of trying both the pistachio chocolate cakes. Both were consumed in .02 seconds that's how delicious they were :D

One last thing about Grandma's Grotto is that their service is impeccable. One of the times I visited the restaurant was wit…