Distrito Restaurant Review

I have had the opportunity of dinning at Distrito Restaurant a number of times. While the lunch menu is reasonably priced for the city of Philadelphia, dinner on the other hand is a bit too expensive for the portions you receive (at least this is the opinion of a poor college student). It seems as if you are paying for dinner, yet receive an appetizer portion.

Dinner time also seems to struggle with poor service; as the waiters forget to refill your drinks, don't provide the endless bowl of chips and salsa, and take a long time to respond to any of their customers' concerns. As far as the food goes, I stick with only about four of the menu options haven't had much luck enjoying the other menu options). 

My most recent visit to Distrito was during a visit to Philadelphia to tour a nearby school with my little sister. Distrito was a perfect option, as I tend to think their atmosphere is great for "tourists". I took advantage of the lunch special (pick two items for $15.00) and selected the Chilango Chop Salad and the Queso Fundido (don't forget to ask for gluten free wraps!). Both were delicious and very filling! My youngest sister choose the tortilla soup and the enchilada, she loved the soup but didn't care too much for the enchilada. So she requested the enchilada be packed to-go, thinking she would share it with the rest of the family, but it seems the enchilada was not a hit with anyone in the family.

Review: Great lunch spot for tourists but select entrees wisely.


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