Gluten Free Restaurant Reviews

My finals have just about wrapped up, so now I can refocus on blogging again!
I want to take the time to commend one of my all time favorite gluten free restaurants.

Grandma's Grotto (Horsham, PA)

Grandma's Grotto is heaven for anyone on a gluten free diet! They offer an abundance of gluten free entrees and desserts, and what you don't see on their menu, they have in their freezer for take home. One of their freezer items that I wish would move to their in-house menu, is their gluten free Stromboli!

Grandma's entree portions will leave you stuffed and unable to take on their dessert. That is, until they bring the dessert tray out to you, than you are hooked and must try at least one of the gorgeous cakes. I have had the pleasure of trying both the pistachio chocolate cakes. Both were consumed in .02 seconds that's how delicious they were :D

One last thing about Grandma's Grotto is that their service is impeccable. One of the times I visited the restaurant was with a large group. My table ordered the garlic bread appetizer, so without reservations, the owner brought out the gluten free garlic bread free of charge! It was such a nice gesture, and delicious too!


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