Rain Rain Go Away!

I prefer to start my mornings off nice and slow. I am that girl who wakes up super early, just to enjoy some peace with a cup of tea all to myself before the day starts. I usually get up, make the bed, put the water on for my tea, water the flowers, and sit down to my computer for some breakfast. This morning however, went all wrong!

I got just up to the point that I had poured the milk into my cereal (of course I chose cereal for breakfast this morning), and then I heard the rain! Oh how I was wrong, it was not the rain that I was hearing, it was my bathroom flooding!

What is a girl to do? Why of course, call her daddy! Anyhow, problem solved (something about pressure in the pipes), but it still left me with soggy cereal and a rushed morning. So I ate soggy cereal and restarted my morning, and told myself today is going to be a GREAT day!

Let me start with congratulations to my baby sister for her first college acceptance letter, which by the way included a scholarship offer! Way to go her for being a smarty pants! :D How exciting? I still can remember the feeling of getting accepted into the school of my choice, it was such a relief!

All this college stuff got me to thinking about being home. The last time I was home, my parents, my twin, and I found a great gluten free place. So we used it as an excuse to double celebrate  my parents' birthdays. As their birthdays are exactly a week apart. Although my dad is the older of the two, he enjoys teasing my mother and telling her that she is the older one because her birthday comes first! Too cute! It annoys her every time!

Anyhow, I made reservations and we headed to Piazza Sorrento. My parents were amazed that the restaurant offered a gluten free menu, with options that for the most part, mirrored that of the regular menu. I would definitely recommend the restaurants to any looking to eat gluten free in the Hershey, PA area.


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