Virago Baking Company

After finding the Virago Baking Company online, I decided to check it out for myself. I have to say, I was a tad bit disappointed. To start with, the company does not have a large sign so when you are driving and trying find the store front it gets a bit tricky! Upon walking into the store, most baked goods are not labeled in their cases so it is hard to decipher between what is gluten free and what is not.

I choose to split a large triple chocolate cupcake with a friend of mine, huge disappointment! I was expecting a chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and chocolate icing! Instead, I was given a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate cream-like filling and chocolate icing. The chocolate filling was a bit too rich and the cupcake was somewhat frozen?! Anyhow it turns out that the majority of their gluten free options are kept in a freezer, which is located in their back room. Great idea, great look, but marketed all wrong!


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