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A Pasta Salad for Mom


Banana Split for Breakfast?

Cut a banana length-wise. Plop two scoops of Greek yogurt. Fan out some strawberries, drizzle with honey and sprinkle some cinnamon and blueberries on top.

What's for Dinner?

What's for dinner tonight? ...

Since visiting my parents, this seems to be the question most asked of me. So when my mother asked me what I felt like making the family, I responded, "I can help you make pork without over-killing it".

Together, my mom and I created a great pork that we marinated in some balsamic vinaigrette, olive oil, garlic and some red pepper flakes. After marinating for a little over an hour, we cooked up our pork. Be sure to take them off the skillet and let them set so that they can soak up all their juices. Then throw some red onions and fresh green beans into the pan, add a little bit of my mom's everything but the kitchen sink (yet still bland :D) rice and you have created a successful family dinner.

Stay tuned for more pork recipes. Dad quickly bought some more pork after this dinner :D

Tofu Shirataki

It has been a while since I was able to find these noodles. Luckily I found them by chance at the local Giant Food Store.

So I whipped up some homemade basil (fresh from the garden) pesto and added some fresh tomatoes. Delicious! 

I also helped the family make a long a waited peach pie. You know, just in case we got hit harder with Irene then what was planned, the family could resort to eating some peach pie if need be ;D

La Mattina's Pizza- Fayetteville, Pa

I briefly mentioned La Mattina's Pizza in my last post, where we enjoyed their grass-fed delicious ice cream.

While I hadn't planned on being back so soon; the little sister seemed to have forgotten just about everything (including her contacts) when packing up for college.

Being the great big sister that I am ;D, I packed it all up for her and drove for yet another visit to what we have come to call the "Corn Country".

Already adjusting to the college life, Cory (the youngest sister) was just waking up when I arrived at 11:00am. She rolled out of bed and took care of the important things (washed her face and brushed her teeth) and together we unpacked all of her belongings, connected the TV and then head out to lunch. Not being to familiar with the area we decided to just return back to La Mattina's Pizza because we were already aware of their gluten free menu.

We arrived to our destination practically dying of starvation, so we quickly sat ourselves and order…

My how the garden grows...


The youngest is off to college (PENN STATE) :D

Today was the big move! I wasn't sure how A. my parents would handle their youngest baby going off to college or B. how Cory (the youngest) would take to it. Being the baby of the family, Cory has grown accustom to others taking care of the majority of her needs and tends to hide from confrontation.

While my dad, decided to stay and go into work (secretly, I think he just didn't want us to see him cry ;D), and Fran (the oldest daughter) was back in Philly, the rest of us packed into 2 vehicles and went on our way very early this morning.

Upon arrival, Cory noticed she was missing a number of things, including her contacts. This really did not come as a surprise to me, as again, Cory is used to others taking care of these things for her. Next, we took her to get her vehicle registered..... This is where the dilemma of the day emerged. Cory noticed that the she had somehow misplaced her registration. So I quickly got on my phone and searched for a nearby DMV to solve this prob…

A Visit to Nana's

Every visit to my Nana's usually involves some sort of showing of family photos. This visit was sort of unplanned, my mom got word that some of her family members were passing through and we quickly packed up and headed out. On our way up we stopped to go go shopping and grab some of the best frozen treats. My mom got the soft serve ice cream (of course the twist) and I choose the exact same thing but frozen yogurt instead.

All in all it was a great visit... My mom got to reunite with some of her family members. I got to hang out with the little boy that my Nana is currently babysitting (which, while I was "watching" him, was stung by a bee twice), and of course my grandparents were excited to have us.

....thought I would share some old family photos that we found.

Ever heard of a lemondrop melon?


Baked Chicken & Veggie Rice

My mom has never been the greatest cook, and the family has been sure to tell her. There have been times that I can remember my mom would go "on strike" from cooking dinners and the girls would have to take turns thinking of something (would please as many as possible) to make for dinner.

Now that we are all getting older and some of us enjoy cooking, my mom has little to no need to cook when we are around. Instead we "teach". This particular night Cory (the baby of the family) and I went school shopping. Cory is going to Penn State for her first year of college and is currently going to study business. Anyhow, we gave my mom some directions for the dinner and went on our way. This is what we came back to....

Slow roasted rosemary chicken

Parsley veggie rice made with some chicken stock and garlic.

Verdict? Cory said the chicken was a little on the dry side; probably, because Cory and I got back from shopping a good bit later than planned but the rice was delicious.

The Family Garden Progress

Tomatoes are coming in nicely  It was hard to walk past the basil and not grab some to eat ;D
 Baby corn ears are growing
Concord grapes are starting to come in
First year this tree has provided some apples :D Thanks Nana!


Steamed Mahi-Mahi

While visiting the family it can be heard to make "real" food due to the cross contamination dilemma. But, last night we were having a family dinner to celebrate my graduation and my little sister going off to her first year of college! :D So I got creative and roasted some veggies and a peach (for my peach salsa) and then steamed my fish (wrapped in foil).

-Roasted red pepper
-Roasted green pepper
-Roasted garlic
-Roasted peach
-Roasted ginger

-Steamed fish with some rosemary, basil and parsley
-Red chili pepper paste

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. (Thomas Jefferson)

Seeing as how I am currently unemployed, I thought I would take the opportunity to visit my grandparents, as I don't get to see them all too often on the count that they live a good 9-10hours away. So the youngest sister, the twin and twin's boyfriend all packed into the car and started our journey bright and early, 5:30am to be exact. We wanted to head out a bit earlier but it seems the girls know how to pack lighter than the boy who brought a suitcase that I could sleep in. :D 
The trip started out well. We hit minimal traffic and stopped only to get gas and use the restrooms.  We rocked out to some Lou Monte (cannot go wrong with a little Pepino ;D) and some classic N*Sync songs. 
The time there was short but was therapeutic to myself (frustrated with my current unemployment status) and heavy in the sense that my grandpop and grandma aren’t doing their best. But who can blame them being age 93 and 83 respectively? 
Some memories taken away: -“That boy is not twirling the pasta …

My Newest Addiction

Gourmet Garden's pastes are the best when traveling. A quick and easy way to add flavor! I enjoy them on top of roasted vegetables or used in place of salad dressing.

Tomato Risotto

-Red onion
-Green Bell Pepper
-Olive Oil
-Tomato sauce
-White wine
-Some good Italian cheese

-Saute the onions, peppers, garlic and rosemary
-Once the vegetables are sauteed then add the rice and a bit of white wine
-Slowly add the tomato sauce
-Once the desired consistency is reached, add the tomatoes and cheese. Mix until incorporated

Farmer's Market

Baby Eggplants