Baked Chicken & Veggie Rice

My mom has never been the greatest cook, and the family has been sure to tell her. There have been times that I can remember my mom would go "on strike" from cooking dinners and the girls would have to take turns thinking of something (would please as many as possible) to make for dinner.

Now that we are all getting older and some of us enjoy cooking, my mom has little to no need to cook when we are around. Instead we "teach". This particular night Cory (the baby of the family) and I went school shopping. Cory is going to Penn State for her first year of college and is currently going to study business. Anyhow, we gave my mom some directions for the dinner and went on our way. This is what we came back to....

Slow roasted rosemary chicken

Parsley veggie rice made with some chicken stock and garlic.

Verdict? Cory said the chicken was a little on the dry side; probably, because Cory and I got back from shopping a good bit later than planned but the rice was delicious.


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