La Mattina's Pizza- Fayetteville, Pa

I briefly mentioned La Mattina's Pizza in my last post, where we enjoyed their grass-fed delicious ice cream.

While I hadn't planned on being back so soon; the little sister seemed to have forgotten just about everything (including her contacts) when packing up for college.

Being the great big sister that I am ;D, I packed it all up for her and drove for yet another visit to what we have come to call the "Corn Country".

Already adjusting to the college life, Cory (the youngest sister) was just waking up when I arrived at 11:00am. She rolled out of bed and took care of the important things (washed her face and brushed her teeth) and together we unpacked all of her belongings, connected the TV and then head out to lunch. Not being to familiar with the area we decided to just return back to La Mattina's Pizza because we were already aware of their gluten free menu.

We arrived to our destination practically dying of starvation, so we quickly sat ourselves and ordered our drinks. It's funny how gluten free menus are popping up all over the place and yet I still always find myself overwhelmed trying to choose an item when the menu offers more than boiled chicken, steamed vegetables and/or eggs. So when I finally had the opportunity to really read over La Mattina's offerings, I became overwhelmed and delayed the ordering process as I pondered just what it was that I wanted to dig me teeth into.  Did I want to try one of the rare items, such as stuffed shells, pierogies or perhaps some raviolis? Did I want to try out their pizza? Or did I want to resort to my ultimate favorite (being 50% Italian and all) pasta? After careful consideration I decided to order a gluten free meatball pizza.

Shortly after placing my order, the chef/owner himself came out to ask just how sensitive I was to gluten. In no time at all my pizza arrived. The pizza was clearly made in its own separate platter and I was given my own gluten free pizza cutter.

I must say, I have never had such great service.

All in all, La Mattina's is an adorable hidden gem. Family owned and operated, the restaurant has terrific service and their menu is outstanding. Even my mother, whom may I add never finishes her plate, woofed down her pasta dish.

My mom's order came with delicious garlic bread and a beautiful side salad including some provolone cheese :D

And Cory enjoyed her full-sized sub and french fries.


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