The youngest is off to college (PENN STATE) :D

Today was the big move! I wasn't sure how A. my parents would handle their youngest baby going off to college or B. how Cory (the youngest) would take to it. Being the baby of the family, Cory has grown accustom to others taking care of the majority of her needs and tends to hide from confrontation.

While my dad, decided to stay and go into work (secretly, I think he just didn't want us to see him cry ;D), and Fran (the oldest daughter) was back in Philly, the rest of us packed into 2 vehicles and went on our way very early this morning.

Upon arrival, Cory noticed she was missing a number of things, including her contacts. This really did not come as a surprise to me, as again, Cory is used to others taking care of these things for her. Next, we took her to get her vehicle registered..... This is where the dilemma of the day emerged. Cory noticed that the she had somehow misplaced her registration. So I quickly got on my phone and searched for a nearby DMV to solve this problem. On the road again we were....

As we drove down the country roads, passed the corn fields and got stuck behind a tractor, I specifically remember telling Cory. "We took you out of the country and you put yourself right back in. Be sure to estimate extra time to any and all of your trips just in case you get behind another truck or a cow decides to hang out in the middle of the road."

Well over an hour and we were being directed to another location to handle our dilemma. Anyhow..dilemma solved and Cory was able to get her car registered. Mia and I choose to "stay in the car". This is code for run into the corn fields and steal some corn. (Criminals we apparently are ;D). The "stealing" thing never happened because Mia proclaimed that if I toke a corn she would run away...but I did strongly consider it.

Moving on.. we dropped Cory off for her final good bye and off we were.

Mia (the twin), had gone to a nearby school for her undergraduate degree and requested that we make a pit stop to La Mattina's Pizza. Before we got to our next destination, my mom got to experience the lack of air conditioner my Explorer seems to have these we gladly welcomed the air conditioned pit-stop. Upon arrival, I quickly noticed the restaurant had a pretty fancy gluten free menu and offered local grass-fed ice cream. I know...I know... I shouldn't have dairy, but I couldn't resist, of course I got chocolate! :D


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