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It's A Girls Day In :D

Mia finally had a day off from work, substituting and/or we decided to use our time wisely; and I am still unemployed...but spend a great deal of time applying and interviewing!

First, we did some basic cleaning.

Secondly, we decided to rid our house of stink bugs. I don't know about you, but we are getting hit hard this year. But, thanks to my dad we now know how to eliminate the little buggers. It is actually rather simple, we simply washed the outside of our house with soap and sprayed the inside of our doorways and windows with soapy water. The stink bugs don't like it. Apparently, they lick their feet and the soap kills them. It hasn't completely eliminated the problem, but it has helped a lot!

But anyhow, so Mia and I took out a ShopVac and vacuumed up every stink bug we could find. This then followed with even more in depth cleaning of the house.

Thirdly, we did three loads+ of laundry.

Fourthly, we decided to bake!!! Here is where the fun comes in.


Rain Rain...Go Away

Here we go again. The rain has decided to hit again. The damage this time, a couple of trees came down, took some power lines with them and of course started a mini fire. Fortunately no one was hurt, and it didn't appear to cause too much damage to the homes that took the trees' fall. Still, those families that were affected are in my thoughts!

Here is a picture of the road starting to flood...yet again.

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Look what I spotted in the Gluten Free/Organic food section at our local grocery store.
Appearance wise, it looks delicious, but when you check out the ingredients...not so much.

We had an abundance of eggplants so we decided to try something new....Eggplant Fries! They were a win-win with the family. 

Strawberry Yogurt Cake, made from a Betty Crocker Gluten Free Vanilla Cake mix. I don't really care for the ingredients in Betty Crocker's mixes but this sure was delicious. 

Here is to Better Health

A few months back I attended a church festival with the family. This particular festival is known for their amazing gift basket raffle, my mothers favorite aspect of any festival! What makes their gift baskets so awesome is that every single basket is donated by a member of their church. These baskets are wimpy baskets either, now the recession has definitely taken its toll on the baskets, but none the less they are still very impressive. 
Anyhow, the grandparents kept handing all of us grand kids money to place in which ever basket our hearts desired. I of course continuously ignored the sugar high candy baskets and repetitively placed my tickets into the organic cleaning supply baskets and the wine and gourmet food basket options. :D
Sadly, for what must be the first year ever, our family did not win a single gift basket! But, one of the Shaklee representatives (the donor of the organic cleaning supply basket) did use her marketing skills and contacted us directly to see if we would b…

The Wild Tomato Pizzeria

In a previous post I mentioned Piazza Sorrento. Located in Hershey, PA, Piazza Sorrento offers those following a gluten free diet an extensive menu.

According to my dad (not sure just how accurate this information is ;D), the chef from Piazza Sorrento decided that he would like to go solo and offer more gluten free options on his own. That is where The Wild Tomato comes into existence.

While the restaurant has a couple of flaws (in my opinion)
A. They do not have an official website (would be a great asset for customer to be able to place to-go orders online)
B. They do not offer inside sitting
C. They aren't located in an ideal location. As there is high competition around the area that offers their customers eat-in options and to-go orders.

With that said, their food is delicious and their service is superb!

I have to say, it is nice to actually visit my parents and be able to join in on their lunches out, versus watching them eat and then later eating my own gluten free meal at …

Fall is upon us

As much as I would like to not admit it, fall really is just around the corner. The cool air in the morning, the freezing cold nights and the leaves dropping are the tell-tale signs that I must come to terms with this fall weather.

What better way to do that than to make a fall dinner?

Pork Cutlet with Fig Preserves:
- Pork Cutlets
-Fig Preserves
-Goat Cheese
-Salt and Pepper
-Dry White Wine
-Olive Oil

Spread the pork cutlets with the fig preserve and place small pieces of cheese on top. Simply roll the pork cutlets, and if need be, use toothpicks to hold it closed.  Heat a cast iron pan, place a small amount of olive oil in it and then cook the cutlets for about 5 minutes on each side. Right before you are ready to place the cutlets into the preheated (275) oven, add a dash of dry white wine.

Place in the oven until cooked.

“Life is Beautiful, If its unplanned.”

This weekend was a busy one at that, and still I couldn't help but think about poor Mia (the twin). Mia was stuck at her low paying, non fulfilling retail position and was not able to make the trip with us. To make matters worse, it was because of this job, and her inability to leave, that left her stranded away from home for 4 1/2 days during the Hurricane Irene Floods. 

So when I noticed Wood Winery's stand at the North Pocono Artisan and Farmers Market, I had to let Mia know right away that they had fruit wines (Wild berry, Blueberry and Strawberry). Right as Mom, Nana and I were getting ready to leave the Market, Mia had finally sent me a text back that she was of course interested in the Blueberry wine, and wondered if I could pick some up for her? 

I quickly put the car back into park and excused myself as I dashed out, and rushed over to Wood Winery's stand to pick up a business card. I ran back into the car and asked Nana and Mom if they wanted to head to a winery. W…

The Day We Have All Been Waiting For.....

The whole point of this trip was to make it to the first ever, Artisan and Farmers market in Moscow, PA to support a dear friend of ours Judith Youshock.

(Scranton, PA Public Library) An example of Judith Youchock's talent. Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was using my cell phone. 
They day turned out beautiful in all aspects; the weather was gorgeous (considering the last couple days have been teasing us with rather cold fall, maybe even winterish weather) and the event had a great turn out. We stayed for about 2 hours and tried to support the majority of the vendors.

Ritter's Farm baked goods. They looked delicious!

If I am correct, this particular set was made by Jean Adams. The set is so unique. I kept going back to it over and over again, wanting to purchase it (but seeing as how I am unemployed...I decided it would be wise to not make the purchase)

Moscow Clayworks is currently working on a Haiti Project. (To read more and/or to support this cause please click the lin…

Roast Beef Dinner

Mom and I decided to head north to help support a family friend of ours; and the weekend turned out to be such a great success...stay tuned for further details!

Mom continuously referred to this weekend as a "Thanksgiving" weekend. To her, this weekend meant more to her than words can describe. Unfortunately, due to mom's MS, she doesn't get to enjoy as much as she should. That's why I am enjoying my time, unemployed, at home. I finally have the time I always wish I had to help my mother out around the house and create memories she will never forget. Thus far, I think I am doing a pretty spectacular job if I may say so myself.  Look at that, it seems I'm not really "unemployed" after all ;D

While we did not run into too many people that my mother or grandparents recognized at the Roast Beef dinner, I thought it was ironic that this mashed potato-gravy-corn-and roast beef dinner began my mother's "Thanksgiving" weekend.

Can't forget…

Veggie Lime Salad

Roast your veggies of choice. Sprinkle with a bit of pepper and lemon, Cayenne, Lime Juice and Red Pepper Flakes. Delicious! :D