The Day We Have All Been Waiting For.....

The whole point of this trip was to make it to the first ever, Artisan and Farmers market in Moscow, PA to support a dear friend of ours Judith Youshock.

(Scranton, PA Public Library)
An example of Judith Youchock's talent. Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was using my cell phone. 

They day turned out beautiful in all aspects; the weather was gorgeous (considering the last couple days have been teasing us with rather cold fall, maybe even winterish weather) and the event had a great turn out. We stayed for about 2 hours and tried to support the majority of the vendors.

Ritter's Farm baked goods. They looked delicious!

If I am correct, this particular set was made by Jean Adams. The set is so unique. I kept going back to it over and over again, wanting to purchase it (but seeing as how I am unemployed...I decided it would be wise to not make the purchase)

Moscow Clayworks is currently working on a Haiti Project. (To read more and/or to support this cause please click the link embedded.)

 And of course there was a number of talented artists.

Mia Bella Boutique had a great array of children's hair bows.  Their products were so adorable that I was tempted to purchase and wear one myself.

What an excellent turn out!

Best of luck to the North Pocono Artisan and Farmers market. I do hope that your success on this particular day, brings many more market days in the future.

Items we purchased and are enjoy at home:
-Produce (apples, wax beans, eggplant, etc.)
-Baked Goods (Cookies and Banana Bread)
-Clay works
-Handmade Jewelry
-Scranton luggage tags and an Italian Festival magnet
-Handmade Soaps
-Handmade wreath
-Hand painted note cards
-And much more memories


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