Here is to Better Health

A few months back I attended a church festival with the family. This particular festival is known for their amazing gift basket raffle, my mothers favorite aspect of any festival! What makes their gift baskets so awesome is that every single basket is donated by a member of their church. These baskets are wimpy baskets either, now the recession has definitely taken its toll on the baskets, but none the less they are still very impressive. 

Anyhow, the grandparents kept handing all of us grand kids money to place in which ever basket our hearts desired. I of course continuously ignored the sugar high candy baskets and repetitively placed my tickets into the organic cleaning supply baskets and the wine and gourmet food basket options. :D

Sadly, for what must be the first year ever, our family did not win a single gift basket! But, one of the Shaklee representatives (the donor of the organic cleaning supply basket) did use her marketing skills and contacted us directly to see if we would be interested in learning more about the products. 

I of course had interest and signed on to attend the Shaklee  party. However, the event happen to land on the same day as the flood. So we rescheduled...and of course the rescheduled date landed on our second flood. YAY to Mother Nature's recent gifts to us! 

Finally, this past week my mother and I made it to, what I wish I could say was a rain-free Shaklee event, but a couple of sprinkles never hurt anyone. 

We met with Angela, who started the event off with a nice informative session. Then moved us around the house to explore all that Shaklee has to offer. The products I must say were rather impressive.  The thing that sticks with me the most....Angela drop one of Shaklee's vitamins into a glass of water and another generic multivitamin into another glass. Guess what....the Shaklee product dissolved quicker and left the water clear, while the generic brand slowly dissolved and left the water chalky looking. 

To all my gluten free friends, Shaklee's products are for the most part all gluten free (and are clearly marked so). 

The night ended with Angela leaving time for us to ask questions and if we felt ready/comfortable enough to place and order she was there to help. Mother and I decided to go home, take inventory of what we already have and just review the massive list of products that Shaklee has to offer their consumers as they begin their journey to a healthier and happier life. 

A special thanks to Angela and her husband for opening up their home to help educate us on all the benefits Shaklee has to offer :D


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