It's A Girls Day In :D

Mia finally had a day off from work, substituting and/or we decided to use our time wisely; and I am still unemployed...but spend a great deal of time applying and interviewing!

First, we did some basic cleaning.

Secondly, we decided to rid our house of stink bugs. I don't know about you, but we are getting hit hard this year. But, thanks to my dad we now know how to eliminate the little buggers. It is actually rather simple, we simply washed the outside of our house with soap and sprayed the inside of our doorways and windows with soapy water. The stink bugs don't like it. Apparently, they lick their feet and the soap kills them. It hasn't completely eliminated the problem, but it has helped a lot!

But anyhow, so Mia and I took out a ShopVac and vacuumed up every stink bug we could find. This then followed with even more in depth cleaning of the house.

Thirdly, we did three loads+ of laundry.

Fourthly, we decided to bake!!! Here is where the fun comes in.

The theme of the day...APPLES!

Without any recipes in mind, Mia and I sat down on our living room floor watching one of the childhood favorites, Aristocats. We grabbed a variety of apples and we began peeling. Mom chipped in a little bit and then decided to look up some recipes. 

Mia and I decided we would use one recipe and then we would just wing the others. 

We used this particular Apple Muffin Cake recipe. The recipe is not gluten free, nor is the rest of my family. So I helped prepare the apples and read the recipe while Mia did all the measuring of flours and the actual baking, but I still had fun! 

 It does look delicious, and everyone seemed to enjoy it! 

We also made a apple and peach pie (secret ingredient was the Vodka) and a Pear and Applesauce.

To add to our crazy day, we decided to make breakfast for dinner, because it is not every day we get to have breakfast for dinner.

Mia's scrambled eggs, bacon and smiley face toast... God love her!

My veggie salad

Some of the tomato sauce that Dad made from the tomatoes in his garden!


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