“Life is Beautiful, If its unplanned.”

This weekend was a busy one at that, and still I couldn't help but think about poor Mia (the twin). Mia was stuck at her low paying, non fulfilling retail position and was not able to make the trip with us. To make matters worse, it was because of this job, and her inability to leave, that left her stranded away from home for 4 1/2 days during the Hurricane Irene Floods. 

(Just in case we all forgot just how much water we got, the water is rushing over top of our only way out)

So when I noticed Wood Winery's stand at the North Pocono Artisan and Farmers Market, I had to let Mia know right away that they had fruit wines (Wild berry, Blueberry and Strawberry). Right as Mom, Nana and I were getting ready to leave the Market, Mia had finally sent me a text back that she was of course interested in the Blueberry wine, and wondered if I could pick some up for her? 

I quickly put the car back into park and excused myself as I dashed out, and rushed over to Wood Winery's stand to pick up a business card. I ran back into the car and asked Nana and Mom if they wanted to head to a winery. While Mom was a bit apprehensive at first, thinking just how far away this winery must be, I mean we were in little old Moscow, Pa.  I somewhat ignored my Mom's disinterest, and ran the Winery's address through my GPS application on the phone. Tada, 10 minutes away, if that, I proclaimed; and now off we were to enjoy a little bit of sun and wine :D. 

Wood Winery

As we arrived at the winery, we were a bit confused as to why no other customers were following in our footsteps and leaving the Market to come straight to the Winery! Well, if I wouldn't have been in such a hurry, maybe, just maybe, I would have caught that Donna Wood (one of the owners) had in fact mentioned their store hours for the day started at 1:00pm. It was now currently closer to 11:40ish. 

Ken Wood (one of the owners) more than happily welcomed us in. Provided us with a number of stories on how the business came to be, a private wine tasting, a garden walk and a pleasurable conversation. 

Donna Wood's marketing drove us to the Winery and Ken Wood's hospitality created a rather nice sale! Can't wait to try the fruit wine (I will of course blog about it the minute I do ;D)

Second Unplanned Adventure of the Day

At this point, it was closer to 2:00pm and all three of our tummies were growling for a late lunch. On our way to Moscow, Pa we saw a sign for soft serve ice cream (it holds a special place in all of our hearts). 

We pulled in the The Caboose. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect lunch spot. Nana and Mom were able to get some food before their ice cream and I was able to join them on the picnic with my gluten free packed lunch. 

Mom's Favorite: Fried Mushrooms

Gluten Free Millet bread with organic almond butter and of course...some raw honey

Apple and Almond Butter...one of my favorites

Lunch was finished....now onto the ice cream!

While the remainder of the trip provided us with many more unplanned treasuries (Dinner with Aunt Shirley, running into old family friends, etc.), the trip was coming to an end. Just one last thing on the MUST DO list. 

Doma Italian Market! My family has been shopping here for years, so whenever we come to visit Nana, we always try and stop in at Doma's, in Dunmore, PA

They even carry Gluten Free pastas!


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