The Wild Tomato Pizzeria

In a previous post I mentioned Piazza Sorrento. Located in Hershey, PA, Piazza Sorrento offers those following a gluten free diet an extensive menu.

According to my dad (not sure just how accurate this information is ;D), the chef from Piazza Sorrento decided that he would like to go solo and offer more gluten free options on his own. That is where The Wild Tomato comes into existence.

While the restaurant has a couple of flaws (in my opinion)
A. They do not have an official website (would be a great asset for customer to be able to place to-go orders online)
B. They do not offer inside sitting
C. They aren't located in an ideal location. As there is high competition around the area that offers their customers eat-in options and to-go orders.

With that said, their food is delicious and their service is superb!

I have to say, it is nice to actually visit my parents and be able to join in on their lunches out, versus watching them eat and then later eating my own gluten free meal at home. I know those of you who are gluten free, can share similar stories!!

While waiting for our order, I took the time to look around at all that The Wild Tomato has to offer their gluten free customers.

I ordered the Veggie Wedgie! I must say it is reassuring to order something that the chef has put his/her heart-and-soul into. The ingredients were clearly fresh!

A little rain never hurt anyone ;D


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