Birthday Celebrations- Round 2

This time around we are celebrating Mia's and my birthday.

The day started well! We both got to sleep in and take our time in the morning. I enjoyed a nice long fall-morning walk and Mia slept-in a little extra (can't say I blame her).

Then off to lunch we went, the four of us (Mom, Dad, Mia and I). Unfortunately, lunch didn't work out so well for myself. We had previously visited the Garden Fresh Market and Deli, and I had a wonderful gf veggie sandwich.  However, this time around, there was no gf options available. So I let the rest of the family eat their lunches and then we all ran some errands. Mia had requested a strawberry rhubarb pie for her Birthday dessert and she was still working on what she wanted for her birthday meal!

Three stores later, we realized that Mia was going to have to select another dessert, because every store was surprisingly sold out of strawberries! But, she did figure out her birthday dinner...crab legs served with a side of wine infused rice and corn on the cob!

Finally, we returned home around 3:45pm so that I could have some lunch. I choose gf oatmeal with almond butter.

Shortly after, it was time to make the birthday girl her dinner. Another unfortunate for me, due to the contamination within my parents' kitchen, I got to have half frozen gf millet bread with jam for my birthday dinner. Oh, and I can't forget the birthday sparkling wine that my dad got us!

This particular sparkling wine was by far one of my family's favorites! It was light, refreshing, and satisfied the entire family's taste buds.

Shortly after 8:00pm Mia and Matt (her boyfriend) became worried that my mom did not get a gf dessert for the birthday celebrations. So, we ran to the local Giant Food Store and raided their organic/gf aisles.

$20 later, we had all the essentials to create a gf birthday dessert :D

*Foods by George Brownie, which by the way is one of my favorite gf frozen brownies currently available on the market.
*Some dairy free & gf ice cream
*Organic chocolate syrup 

A day later.... I got my birthday dinner! Mia brought it home from the Wild Tomato


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