Boston Bound!

I got a call last week requesting a face-to-face interview in the Boston, MA area. I eagerly scheduled an interview and then scrambled to find Mia to ask if she would like to join me for a pre-birthday celebration!

Even though, the last couple years Mia and I have never been more than 3 hours away from each other, we haven't been able to spend our birthdays together. So this year is an extra special year because we are taking over the entire month of October to celebrate :D

After returning from Fran's Birthday Party in Philadelphia, PA I turned around and drove to Philadelphia, PA again for a job interview (which thus far is a success), and now we were getting ready to drive 7 1/2 hours to Boston, MA!

Mia and I packed up, scheduled a hotel room, put the portable fridge in the car and off we went!

We stopped in Connecticut to fill up on gas and grab some lunch. The drive in CT was enjoyable. The fall leaves and tree lined highways were a nice sight to see! Definitely put me in the mood to finally fully accept that summer is over and fall has arrived.

After checking into the hotel we THOUGHT that we would want to start our vacation off with the Northern End of Boston. WRONG! We arrived in the Northern end, quickly fell in love and decided that we would much rather spend the entire day there, versus a night. Not knowing the area, we decided to get back on 95 and just kind of pick and exit and get off. So we did that. We ended up in Cambridge and stopped at the Elephant Walk for dinner. Problem was that the Elephant Walk was closed to the public because they were hosting a private event.  Next option, we whipped out the gf application on my phone and found a nearby cafe that claimed to have gf options. Second problem of the night, the cafe only offered gf desserts. No entrees. 

I can't even express the frustration Mia and I were experiencing at this point. We were hungry and tired of trying to find a place to eat. 

Success! We found the Highland Cafe! A true gem within the city! A gluten free menu was available, which is always a positive in my mind. I ordered the pork bbq, which came with greens and pickled vegetables. The meal was delicious, the service was great, and the atmosphere was lively. 

Beer of the Moment = Pumpkin Ale. 

In most cases, we would have stayed and enjoyed the karaoke, but seeing as how we just drove almost 8 hours to get to Boston and struggled to find a place to eat, we were ready to call it a night.

Next morning, we woke up early and headed down to our complimentary breakfast :D

I brought some GF oatmeal with me.  Then I found some craisons, honey, GF peanut butter, and GF maple syrup! I turned something boring into something AWESOME!!!

We raided the continental breakfast options and smuggled some items out to have for lunch. I know, I know, this is frowned upon, but we are broke! I mean, the whole reason for this trip was to interview and land a job!

Anyhow, we got ready for the day and off to the Elephant Walk for lunch we went! Turns out, the Elephant Walk doesn't open for another hour. Don't worry...determination is key!

We decided to pass the time along with a little shopping. We found the Pemberton Farms Market.

We found the beer of the moment from the night before!

Great find....ALMOND MILK YOGURT! A little pricey but I couldn't leave without trying at least one. I purchased the cheery flavor and had it with my breakfast the following morning. It was amazing. Wish I would have/ could afford to have gotten more!

Mia and I are the Middle Sisters so we found this funny!

Of course I had to purchase this! Gluten free and HONEY!!! I have yet to try this wine, saving it for a special occasion but I will be sure to update you on the taste later!

Finally, we made it to the Elephant Walk for lunch.

Loved how they provided parking!!! :D

Gluten free menu with a number of options!

Verdict? The chicken was dry (overcooked) the brown rice was brown rice, nothing special and the tomatoes were amazing!

We would have stayed for dessert, but we needed to run so that I would make it in time for my interview.

Once the interview was complete (which was a total flop) Mia and I headed to the Northern part of Boston.

Victoria's Secret has New England Patriots Merchandise

Bunker Hill by far was the prettiest of all neighborhoods. 

Bunker Hill Monument! 

Fenway Park

Public Garden! 

We found a cute cafe near the garden to eat lunch.

Once again, a gluten free menu was available!!  

Lunch was good. It wasn't spectacular (Chicken was overcooked and dry)...but the service was amazing! 
After doing some more sightseeing it was time for a late dinner.

GF Flourless Chocolate Cake

This was my least favorite restaurant that we ate at in Boston. The service was ok and the atmosphere was crowded and unpleasant. Also, I was debating between a gf pasta dish and a salad, so I asked the waitress for her opinion and she raved and raved about the salad option. I got the salad and it was nothing special. It was a bed of greens! Total disappointment! Then dessert was dry and I was told it was a chocolate cake and it was more of a lemon cake...again disappointment.

We decided to leave the city to head home around 9:30pm.

Thank you George Washington Bridge. We reached our destination around 5:00am! Yikes!


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