Here is to an Epic Month of October!

Started the weekend off a bit rough...I traveled about an hour for a scheduled 10:00am interview on Friday. Upon arrival, I noticed a number of roads were closed and/or blocked off due to the recent flooding. Thinking ahead I decided to call the company I was interviewing with and ask them if they were located on one of the roads marked CLOSED and if so, what would be the best alternative route to take.

The company informed me that I was not at all in the right area and attempted to give me directions. Two things were wrong with this, ONE, I am the worst person with directions. Thank God for GPS! TWO, an hour and a half later I had come to realize that I was in fact always where I needed to be and that I needed to just take the closed road to find the company. Thank you for turning what should have been an hours drive into two and a half!! Other than that, the interview went alright.

The drive home...a little rough, but I made it back just in time to inhale the non-gluten-free cake that my mother insisted on making for Fran's Birthday. While I am sure Fran appreciated the cake, I just wanted to know why she couldn't have made it earlier when I was out of the house. This small window of a difference created a whole weekend of discomfort. :(

Not to worry though, I was determined to have a great weekend!

It is her favorite....Carrot Cake!!

Started the weekend with our fabulous toga outfits!

Saturday, was a rainy dreary day and push-in-your-face welcome to fall kind of weather. No warning, just is freezing cold and leaves are off the trees. So we took the opportunity to do some relaxing and family hangout time. To top it off, an old family friend just moved back to the area and stopped in for a visit.

Sunday, NATIONAL APPLE HARVEST DAY! We had a fabulous time! Again, it was a colder day so I was layered! Still living out of a suitcase, mom surprised me with some new fleecy tights. I had those on, sweater tights and sweater socks! Thanks to some friendly warning, I wore the rain boots too!

The festival was great. A lot of classic fall foods and some new ones too! To be on the safe side I packed my own gluten free lunch, and from the looks of the options at the festival I am glad that I did. But the family found a lot of great food options; apple sausage, pork (and chicken) bar-b-q, homemade soda, freshly squeezed lemonade, chicken corn soup, pumpkin funnel cake, etc.

The best part of the weekend was the ending.

Need I say more..... ???


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