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Glowing Green Smoothie

I have had this recipe for sometime, but was already afraid that I wouldn't care for the taste. However, my current living situation involves a lot of driving so a quick smoothie in the morning is the ideal option.

So I whipped up a batch last week and took them with me. Turns out....I love them. The taste is great, and they are rather work schedule doesn't allow for a lunch break until about 2:00pm and this smoothie holds me over rather well.

Here is the recipe:

1 1/2 cups of water1 head of organic romaine lettuce3-4 stalks of celeryA bunch of Kale1 Apple1 Pear1 Banana Juice of 1/2 a lemonAdd the lettuce and water and blend. Then add in the celery and kale. Once that is mixed well toss in the apple and pear. Lastly, mix in the banana and lemon juice. Pour into glass jars and enjoy!

Thanks to Kimberly Snyder for the recipe.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Gluten Free Pizza in Wayne, PA

I was in Wayne, PA today with my sister and together we found another gem! This by far is one of my favorite gluten free restaurants! Now listen...I tend to get excited when I find gluten free friendly restaurants, especially ones close to home; so much, that sometimes I let my excitement over-exaggerate my liking of the food served. I have said it before and I will say it again, too many restaurants don't serve good food. You know what I am talking about! We as customers are looking for a chef to create masterpieces that they have put their heart-and-soul into.

A chef once told me that she chose her line of work not for the praise or the pay, because clearly neither where there, but for the enjoyment and the ability to create her own art. This small glimpse into the person she is, probably already has you wanting to eat whatever she creates, and let me tell is always delicious and cooked to perfection!

It is unfortunate that way too many times I am served food that is o…

Gluten Free Findings at the Christmas Tree Shops!


Gluten Free Findings at Williams Sonoma

Has anyone tried them yet? Curious to see what your reviews are!

Teresa's Cafe

Sorry for the lack in communication. Life has been a bit crazy around here between visiting my grandparents, accepting a full-time position, and apartment hunting. Yesterday was an apartment-hunting type of a day. I kidnapped my dad and off we went to the Philadelphia area to look for a new apartment. After a long day of searching...we all know this is exhausting....we decided to have dinner in Wayne, PA. I pulled up my gluten free app on the phone and found Teresa's Cafe.

The atmosphere was welcoming, staff was exceptionally helpful, and the food was tasteful. Even my dad,who being 100% Italian himself,  is a rather harsh food critic enjoyed his meal.

Most restaurants tend to overcook gluten free pasta and turn it into mush, but Teresa's knows what they are doing! The pasta was cooked perfectly, the sausage had a good taste to it, and all around the meal was something I would recommend to others. :D

Time spent with the family is never time waisted.

Take a look at the pretty flowers Mia and I brought to our grandparents.
Today we went out and got them both new lift reclining chairs. These chairs are amazing! Makes it so much easier for them to get in and out. Now, we just need to get grandpa to remember that he has a remote to move him versus him struggling.
Its hard to watch my dad take care of his parents as if they were young children.  It's like they say....your parents raise you and in return you take care of them in their older years.

Gluten Free Halloween

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe Halloween! 

Gluten Free Candy List (from
Gluten–Free and Gluten-Safe Halloween Candy and Treats

3 Musketeers fun size
3 Musketeers Mint with dark chocolate

Act II Popcorn Balls
Albert’s Gummy Eyeballs
Albert’s Iced Halloween pops (lollipops)
Almond Joy fun size bars
Amanda's Own Confections Chocolate shapes and chocolate lollipops
Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit snacks
Applehead, Grapehead, Cherryhead

Baby Ruth original and fun size
Barrels of Candy
Bazooka Big Mix (includes bubble gum, bubble gum filled candy, candy chews, and bubble gum filled lollipops)
Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot Wicked Webs Berry Wave mini feet
Betty Crocker Halloween fruit flavored snacks, including Fruit Gushers, Fruit Roll–ups, and Mini Rolls
Butterfinger original and fun size
Big Blow bubblegum
Black Forest Gummy Tarantulas
Black Forest Gummy Fun Bugs Juicy Oozers
Bubbly lollipop and gum

Candy Checkers (made for Target)
Caramel …