Gluten Free Pizza in Wayne, PA

I was in Wayne, PA today with my sister and together we found another gem! This by far is one of my favorite gluten free restaurants! Now listen...I tend to get excited when I find gluten free friendly restaurants, especially ones close to home; so much, that sometimes I let my excitement over-exaggerate my liking of the food served. I have said it before and I will say it again, too many restaurants don't serve good food. You know what I am talking about! We as customers are looking for a chef to create masterpieces that they have put their heart-and-soul into.

A chef once told me that she chose her line of work not for the praise or the pay, because clearly neither where there, but for the enjoyment and the ability to create her own art. This small glimpse into the person she is, probably already has you wanting to eat whatever she creates, and let me tell is always delicious and cooked to perfection!

It is unfortunate that way too many times I am served food that is over cooked, under seasoned, bland/boring, has mushy gluten free noodles, crunchy gluten free noodles, has old/stale ingredients, etc. It is a shame!

But at the Main Line Pizza, in Wayne, PA I had one of the most delicious gluten free cheese steak hoagies. This took me out of my vegetarian trend. I walked into the restaurant, smelled the aroma of all the great foods and saw what others had ordered, and I knew instantly what I wanted. Usually I am the last to decide because I contemplate over whether or not the chef will mess up the particular dish, and if I will be stuck eating something I don't really care for. For example, if I was to order gluten free spaghetti...will the noodles be mushy? If I order a gluten free sub...will the bread be dry and crumbly not allowing me to enjoy all the other great flavors of the dish? If I order a it going to be boring or come drenched in some weird dressing?

It's funny because as I am typing this, I feel as if I come across to be a picky eater; when really I'm not...I enjoy most foods...but I am picky about the creation. I like my food to be executed well, flavorful, enjoyable, and memorable. I want to want more! I want to want to recreate it myself!

Anyhow, enough chit-chat...Main Line Pizza... the food was great and the chef was even better. He took the time to speak with his customers and get to know them and what they want. He took the time to speak with me in regards to how I liked the gluten free flat bread and if I had ever had the pizza before? He went on to tell me that they have been offering gluten free pizza for 4 years now and the flat bread for 2. Honestly, one of the best places I have eaten at in a long long time! If you are ever in the Wayne, PA area go check them out, you won't be disappointed!


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