Christmas Dinner Ideas

Funny how my parents have had 26 Christmases together and they still can't figure out what each other will want for Christmas dinner. I mean, they know the basics, like my dad enjoys a ham, but that's about it.

Last night I was visiting the family and being the organizer that I am, I decided to try and put together the Christmas day food menus, after all it is an art :D. At least it is an art in our house. Trying to get all the girls to answer what their favorite Christmas food is and then getting the answer out of my parents...yikes!

This is what we have come up with thus far for Christmas Day Food:
Christmas Day Breakfast:
* Mom's Fruitcake (It's a tradition, can't go without it)
* Porkroll
* Scrambled Eggs

* Christmas Pancakes (Red velvet and green almond flavored)
* Bacon

Christmas Day Antipasto
* The basic Meats and Cheeses
* Olives
* Cheese Ball and Crackers
* Christmas Day Soup (Dad has requested Sausage and Cabbage, the man can never get enough Cabbage and Sausage)
* Vegetable Tray

Christmas Day Dinner
* Christmas Ham
* Corn Pudding (Mia had requested this for Thanksgiving but it never made it to the table..woops)
* Green Bean Casserole, a tradition in my house -- While the original recipe is not GF, this can easily be made GF with a GF Cream of Mushroom Soup and Fried onions can be made from scratch.
* Sweet Potato Casserole (You know...the one with all the marshmallows)
* Cranberry Jelly!! ( I will be finishing up the last from my Thanksgiving meal)

Christmas Dessert
* Cookie Tray (I mean it really isn't Christmas without Christmas cookies)
* Fran will be making us a SURPRISE Christmas Dessert.

While most of these items can easily be made GF, due to the rest of my family not being GF and the high risk of contamination at my parent's house, I will be make a separate GF Christmas dinner. Let's just hope that with the two jobs and traveling that I have time to make a separate GF Christmas dinner. Any ideas on quick GF Christmas dinners and desserts, please do share!


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