Christmas Dinner

This year was a bit of a struggle. It took me a long time to get into the holiday spirit. Perhaps, the 3-month period of unemployment, moving from place to place (including my sister's), warmer weather and no snow (!!!) all contributed to the loss in holiday cheer! Top that all off with a crazy work week prior to Christmas  mix that with a case of the flu, and what do you get? Nothing other than one girl running around on Christmas eve trying to finish Christmas presents (buying and wrapping) and Christmas dinner. 

Despite all the stress and frustration of preparing for Christmas this year, it all came together just fine. That is, minus Mia having the flu, us all missing Christmas Mass, most of us sleeping throughout the day and a couple little disputes here and there. 
Cranberry Jelly was a must!

Part of Fran's Christmas Present! Our goal is to eventually turn this bottle into a Christmas Lamp.

Brown Sugar Ham with Pineapple. 

Sweet Potatoes

Cream Corn Pudding.
This pudding is a family recipe (from my dad's side) that Mia requested for Christmas this year. I had to do a little digging, but I was successfully able to track down the recipe. 

Campbell's Green Bean Casserole
(Not gluten free)

Fran made a gluten free Yule Log Cake


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