Christmas In NYC / S'MAC Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

To my dismay, I had recently found out that my sisters haven't really spent much time in NYC, let alone the fact that they have never been for Christmas. Now, I can't say that I would want to live in NYC, but - let's put it this way, I miss it like I miss home. Ever so often, you just have that urge to go home. Well, here and there, I have that same urge to visit the city :D. I enjoy the atmosphere and the culture! I love how people can just themselves and not care what others thing about them. The more original you are, the more loved you are. 

:.The more original you are, the more loved you are.: 

Not really feeling the Christmas spirit this year, I was hopeful that the city would do it for me. We heard carolers, saw the tree, visited the store windows, dinned, and so much more. It was fabulous - all minus the driving and parking :D 

We started our trip in Hoboken NJ. I surprised my sisters and we took a visit to Carlo's Bakery! That show really does remind me of my family! 

Thank you to the nice boys that offered to take our pictures! Oh and thanks to the nice lady that gave us her extra parking ticket, very much appreciated! That is the Christmas spirit I was missing!

Then off to Brooklyn for the Ballet!

Not the BEST seats, but what do you expect from 3 girls (1 in college, 1 substitute teaching, and 1 just starting employment) - uh...the real world :D

Now to the CITY! Dinner that night was a Nizza. You know me, being the food critic that I am, I have to say this meal was really rather nice. The gluten free pasta was cooked perfect and pesto was flavorful, but the plate was missing something. I still can't put my finger on it, but it was missing something- but still delicious. My sisters weren't too happy about crowded NYC restaurant - but I say- when your in NYC act like it, embrace their culture. 

That night we spend just strolling the city and taking in all the Christmas cheer. Nothing like the city to get you in the spirit. 

The following day we all slept in, including myself! The night before we were all whining like old people about our aches and pains - maybe that's what helped us to sleep in, that and the cold wind. We rushed to wake up and dress, get down stairs and enjoy some breakfast with out Aunt. Now on to the big city again for some shopping and the one and only place that was on all of our wish list - S'MAC

After wrestling with the traffic and parking situation we walked into heaven the second we arrived in S'MAC. Again, the sisters weren't fans of the small, crowded atmosphere, especially since they had to stand and eat, but they said the food was well worth it! I must say I enjoyed mind ;D
Now you see it...

Now you don't. 

I did the bad thing, and I ordered the REAL cheese versus the vegan cheese option. I mean, I only live once right??? I ordered a nosh salad (following Kimberly Snyder's advise, eats the greens first) and the nosh Parisienne. The girls ordered the Mongo Buffalo Chicken - who wouldn't have guessed that?!
The food critic in me had nothing to complain about. The blue cheese was a perfect pairing with the beautiful figs and shiitake mushrooms, and I can never say no to some fresh rosemary! Funny, before reading the menu, I was trying to do the whole "create your own thing" and I was creating this combination! 

Had a great time in NYC. Thank Aunt Mary for hosting us! Happy Holidays to all!


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