The best way to keep money in perspective is to have some.

The best way to keep money in perspective is to have some. --Louis Rukeyser

Uh! That's what this past week felt like. It was the end of me! I had put in close to 70 hours at work and I hadn't had a weekend off since before Christmas! I attempted to sleep in (for once) on Saturday, but was obnoxiously woken up- only fair- I suppose I should, and would have normally been, awake at that point in time. Regardless, I was woken up, which started the stir to my emotional breakdown. Then, I got myself motivated just enough to want to leave my ever so comfortable and toasty warm bed, to see the yucky mess that mother nature had left for us all to enjoy. Here is a bit of advice for you mother nature, next time, no present, is better than a crappy unwanted present :D -- So keep the snow / icy mess to your self. It's instances like these, that make selfishness perfectly acceptable. 

Moving on, I was then notified by my boss, asking when and how many hours I would be putting in this weekend. Really!? I just put in close to 70, plus I gave up my own doctors appointment to accommodate you, and I trained a new employee the entire week - thus putting me behind. Once again, what else is a girl to do than call her daddy. What was daddy's advice you ask? Surprisingly, my dad's advice was to quite the position and go back to school for my doctorate. Which yes, that is my dream, but clearly the man is unaware of the enormous amount of student debt that is already tied to my name!

Weighing my options here: I could give up and quite, I could work another 20 hour weekend, or I could remain employed but work like 6 hours this weekend. I chose the wiser of the three scenarios - I'm keeping the job (the pay) and I put in about 6 hours this weekend. I figure this to be suffice. 

Keep in mind, this is the closest thing to a weekend off that I have had in a little over a month. I desperately wanted to go out, or travel to NJ with a friend of mine, but my body was way too exhausted to comprehend that. 

Ding Ding!!! Solution- Call up the sister and see what her plans are and talk her into something chill for the weekend. 

Meet Nora, the baby kitten of the family. 

Take a look at Fran's amazing gift! I can't wait until my skirt is done!

Take a look at me! I'm learning how to crochet.
The finished project - eh- not so good - but I'm learning!

Church, it was the first I have been in a church for sometime - we are talking years here! But, after the week I just had, I figured a little more God in my life couldn't hurt! 


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