Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Last night was a low key night for myself.  I had the little sister in the area with me and she wasn't feeling to awesome - recovering from a cold/sinuses. We had a great night. After driving into the Philadelphia area, we unloaded the car, unpacked, and then headed out for some shopping - or should I say a trip to Walmart. I cannot wait until the Wegmans is finished and open this spring! :D

Anyhow, we made some dinner, baked dessert, created a couple wishlist/predictions and watched a movie. It was a great night! Then today we met up with Fran (the oldest) for breakfast and the mummers parade! It was a great time, and we even brought Nora (the new baby Kitten) in with us.

My 2012 Year Predictions
1. Get a promotion (Just started my position, but I would really like to have a promotion by this time next year)
2. Have more money into my savings account (Going to try the whole savings thing- we will see how well that works out while paying back some hefty student loans)
3. Have had 1 successful sister trip (I am already trying to get the girls to plan a spring/summer trip)
4. Exercise 5 of the 7 days in the week (I really need to start regaining my muscle back)
5. Be surrounded by those I love. (This year was hard- lost a lot of people in my life and decided I am going to start a new in 2012)

Cory's 2012 Predictions
1. She would like to be more financially secure than what she currently is (Good luck college girl)
2. She would like to see our mother a bit more happier with life
3. She would like her GPA to be higher than her current
4. She would like to get her passport (I have been bugging her, I need a travel buddy)
5. By this time next year, she would like to be able to say "I have finally traveled abroad"

Places we would like to visit
1. Canada (we have been there before, but we were too young to remember)
2. California (I hear it is GF heaven!)
3. Williamsburg, VA (For my dad)
4. Baltimore, MD
5. Chicago, IL
7. Vermont (preferannly fall time)
8. India
9. Italy
13.South America


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