Gluten Free Dinner Under 30 Part 5

Each week, a girl friend of mine and I pick something to look forward to. You know, just a little something to keep our hopes up throughout the crazy work week. This week we decided to make a nice dinner - yes this means with our schedule that the dinner will be closer to 9:30 -10:00pm, but still its a nice dinner to look forward to. 

Having a ton of grass-fed beef still in my freezer, we decided we would make something with the ground beef.  Thoughts included: burgers, meatloaf, tacos, and meatballs. Meatballs was a unanimous win; the real question then came, meatballs with what? At first, the thought was pasta, but then quickly changed to meatball subs! Great idea because the meal came out terrific! 

Ingredients: Grass-fed beef, onions, garlic (and lots of it), olive oil, polenta, eggs, rosemary, fresh cilantro, ground pepper, and whatever else you want to through into the pot.

Simply mix the ingredients together. Then place in a pan with some water, cover and let cook until done. 

I didn't have any gluten free buns, so I went for a gluten free brown rice wrap. 


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