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Gluten Free Picnic in the Park

Ah, the city of Philadelphia! A true gem!  "We are standing here in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, the birthplace of freedom, where the, founding fathers authored the Declaration of independence..."
What is the best way to enjoy the beautiful architecture, the gorgeous sun, and the friendly vibe from the citizens of Philly? A picnic in the park of course!

We went to Trader Joes ( one of my favorites) and grabbed a GF salad, chips, hummus, and strawberries! Delicious!

Even my Nana, the girl who NEVER goes barefoot in the grass, felt comfortable enough to soak up the sun! The remainder of the family did exactly as I, that is people watch :D

Anyone have any other suggestions for some great picnic spots in Philadelphia?

Las Bugambilias, Philadelphia Gluten Free Friendly!

I fell in love with Las Bugambilias the moment I learned their menu is almost entirely gluten free, with the exception of the flour tortillas.

The restaurant has character, from the pictures on their wall to the sun plates used for serving. Even though the space is small, and somewhat cramped, you still feel welcomed, comfortable and almost at home. I have to admit, after walking the 10 blocks in heels, I felt comfortable enough to take my shoes off and give my feet a break :D!

The servers where wonderful. One of our guests was rather picky and even went as far as to say, I hate Mexican food (Yikes!). Yet, our waitress was calm with the picky eater and even tried to find/create something she would enjoy. At the end of the night, the picky one no longer hated Mexican food.

While I had plenty of options and almost felt overwhelmed, I choose to go with the Enchiladas Vegetarianas with the Salsa Verde and no cheese. The reminder of the family choose a variety of things, from Enchilada de …

The family is a haven in a heartless world

The Family is a Haven in a Heartless World -Christopher Lasch
I find myself at a very awkward point of my life. As a recent graduate, I am trying to prove myself in corporate america while living in a new/strange location; so I have very few friends to count on. Working 12-13 hours days, 5 days a week leaves very little time one to socialize. The free time that I do get, I tend to want to just hibernate and enjoy the peaceful moment to myself. Sometimes though, all I really need is a weekend with the family :D.
I recently made a trip to the the Pocono area to visit my grandparents. It had been too long since I had last had a quality with them. What a perfect opportunity, it being my Nana's 80th birthday. Happy Birthday Nana!

My mom planned a nice luncheon for Nana and I planned a Sunday Brunch at Carmen's restaurant and wine bar. I use to work at this hotel while I was still in undergrad. My how time has passed. The building is gorgeous, as was originally a train station. 

Sunday Brunch

EGGS! For the majority of my life my family has always had farm fresh eggs. There is nothing like them! We have brown white and blue eggs :D

To me these eggs are normal, but when those not raised on a wanna-be-farm, they always seem a bit turned off. That is, until they have tried the eggs for themselves!

Sunday Eggs:
- Eggs
- A tad bit of milk
- Salt & Pepper
- Chives
- Spinach
- Fennel
- Red onion
- Cheese
- Tomato
- Jalapeno