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Moonlight Movies at Lovett Library Park

Yay, it is Friday, and it couldn't have come soon enough this week!

Looking for something to do? With the gorgeous weather- why not do something outdoors? Head to Mount Airy every Friday for a Moonlight movie and snacks.

Seating starts around 8:00pm and the movie starts closer to 8:30pm. Sam and I went straight from work to the Germantown/ Mount Airy area so decided to grab some dinner. Being in the area, I couldn't help but grab something from my good friends at Food For All. Food For All offers an allergy free dinning experience for all ;D

This time around, I ordered the Veggielicious to go.

Then we walked around a bit, and then something about Earth - Bread & Brewery attracted us. We went into what seemed like a very small and crowded cafe/ restaurant. We waited for about 10 - 15 minutes and was then escorted upstairs to a rather large dinning area. 
Sam ordered the Avocado Salad (the night's special) and the MEATarian flatbread. 
All the guests plates looked amazin…

Gluten Free at The Great American Pub, Wayne PA

After a crazy week, I figured I deserved a nice night out with the girls. We headed to the Wayne area and decided to try the famous Great American Pub.

Prior to dinner, I called in advance to discuss the gluten free options available. The manager assured me they had a gluten free menu. YAY, they are making it easy on me!

Dinner rolled around and as promised, they do have a printed copy of their gluten free dinner options.
I ordered the Grilled Calamari salad.

Looks delicious, right? Well it was (honestly flavor was terrific), until about the third bite in and I realized my stomach was not loving it. I just figured, whatever, my stomach has been a little touchy all day. Then another bite or two in and I realized, BOOM there are croutons in this salad! Are we kidding, why are they hidden on the bottom of the plate, was this waiter trying to purposefully kill me?

Regardless of the reason for croutons, I had clearly let the waiter know upon ordering that I needed the salad to be gluten fr…

Half Way Through the Year - where are my New Year's Predictions At?

My 2012 Year Predictions
1. Get a promotion (Just started my position, but I would really like to have a promotion by this time next year)
I have been fortunate to not only have had multiple promotions, but I am now off my contract and officially an employee --- woop woop! 

2. Have more money into my savings account (Going to try the whole savings thing- we will see how well that works out while paying back some hefty student loans)
I worked my butt off and put in plenty of overtime - but yes, I do now have more in my savings than what I started with!

3. Have had 1 successful sister trip (I am already trying to get the girls to plan a spring/summer trip)
An August trip to visit the grandparents is already in the works

4. Exercise 5 of the 7 days in the week (I really need to start regaining my muscle back)
So, I may not be working out 5 of the 7 days, but I do now have a personal trainer and I am pretty religious about adhering to my workout schedules. 


Blue Route Taco Truck, Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting

Every Thursday night in July, Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting is hosting a Blue Route Taco Truck and Happy Hour!

This particular Whole Foods is massive in size! It is the king of all Whole Foods and to top that, it houses a Taco Truck on its rooftop!

Before attending this event, I did some Googling to try and see what the menu looked like, what do the reviews say, and most importantly... are they gluten free? While there is not much information out there, the reviews seemed to LOVE the Blue Route Food Truck.

Reaching over 100 degrees today, the rooftop cafe was closed and the indoor pub hosted the Taco Night event - the live music did not happen. 
I spoke with the chef who seemed pretty sure that everything was gluten I decided to live a little (that and I was already starving) and try the "famous" tacos. I went the safe route and had the Grilled Vegetable Taco with Black Beans & Jicama. 

The corn flour tacos came out double wrapped and with yellow Spanish oni…

Il Rimedio, Philadelphia - Gluten Free?!

Ah- Summer Sundays -perfect for alfresco brunches

Being gluten / dairy free doesn't mean you can't enjoy all of the above, right?

What use to be RX is now Il Rimedio - so I thought no better place to start our gf brunch hunt but here...

I asked the waitress what would be the best gluten free option and her unsure answer scared me enough, that I requested she speak directly with the chef prior to offering suggestions. The waitress returned and informed me that I could choose between all the Benedict options, minus the muffins, or oatmeal. Again, this answered made me a bit nervous, I thought to myself, OATMEAL...was she kidding me? 
The family was already in the restaurant, starving,and ready to order, so I made a quick whim and ordered the House Smoked Trout. While the flavor was not bad; to be honest, it was one of those dishes that your first bite of everything was great, but as the dish quickly cooled and overcooked itself, eh not so much. Besides the taste factor, was my m…

Atiya Ola's - Gluten Free Raw Food in Philadelphia, PA

Atiya Ola's is another one of Philadelphia's hidden gems. From the outside, the restaurant may be a bit unappealing to those of us on an allergy free diet - and the inside a bit overcrowded and drab, but the staff and food make up for it.
It being my first time at Atiya Ola's, I wasn't sure how to order or even what to order, what was their top selling items? To be honest, this was really my first raw food experience (do not judge me :D), and I think it was written all over my face. The staff quickly jumped in to offer suggestions. While waiting for my sampler, I even had a nice long conversation with the staff. There are not many places I know that the staff will take the time to sit there and talk with their customers, get to know them... 
After a short wait, my food was ready. It smelled delicious! I practically ran back to my sister's apartment so that I could finish getting their meal ready and try mine! What seemed like an eternity, of preparation and cooking…

I Carried A Watermelon...

A dream come true... the Fia girls' all time favorite movie on the big screen, AH!  Skinny Cow sponsored a big screen showing of Dirty Dancing! Lucky me I happened to live close to one of the very few cities Skinny Cow was stopping in. 
I have yet to decide what was more memorable - watching the movie on the big screen or listening to the other guests' reactions...
Cory chilling with the Skinny Cow Mobile! Notice the car has eyelashes?!
The Skinny Cow event brought the Fia gals into town so I took Friday off and we had the whole weekend to spend together. 
Sharing a couple of photos from our weekend...

Creamy Gluten Free Veggie Soup

Ingredients: A little bit of this and a little bit of that
-Smokey seasoning from Trader Joes
-Flower power seasoning from Trader Joes

Gluten Free Zucchini "Pasta"

I have been craving a true Italian pasta dish, but pretty much dislike most gluten free pastas. There are some decent gluten free pasta options out on the market today, but I don't always feel like going broke on a single pasta dish. 
A great alternative, and something I have come to prefer.... Zucchini pasta. Simply use a vegetable peeler to create pasta-like shapes. Steam the zucchini for a minute or two and then top it with fresh salsa, tomato sauce, peas, pesto whatever your heart desires! Yum!