Atiya Ola's - Gluten Free Raw Food in Philadelphia, PA


Atiya Ola's is another one of Philadelphia's hidden gems. From the outside, the restaurant may be a bit unappealing to those of us on an allergy free diet - and the inside a bit overcrowded and drab, but the staff and food make up for it.

It being my first time at Atiya Ola's, I wasn't sure how to order or even what to order, what was their top selling items? To be honest, this was really my first raw food experience (do not judge me :D), and I think it was written all over my face. The staff quickly jumped in to offer suggestions. While waiting for my sampler, I even had a nice long conversation with the staff. There are not many places I know that the staff will take the time to sit there and talk with their customers, get to know them... 

After a short wait, my food was ready. It smelled delicious! I practically ran back to my sister's apartment so that I could finish getting their meal ready and try mine! What seemed like an eternity, of preparation and cooking, their meal was finally ready and for was mine! 

Here we go... my first raw food experience. What if I didn't like the food, there would go 9.00 bucks! I decided to dig into the Jerk Mushrooms, which the staff was kind enough to double my order of, my taste-buds went on a whirl-whined!  Now, for the lentils, the Queen Slaw, SeeSlaw, cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant, taste-buds are getting spoiled! There was not one thing that I did  not enjoy! 

While the staff may not truly understand just how appreciative of them I was that Saturday night, they really where a little bit of heaven on earth. I had spent the weekend with my little sister and bless her heart, I love her, but whenever it came to food time, instead of picking something gf friendly she would opt for the gluten containing demons! No problem, I can handle that...but we would grab her food and I would still have to make something, and something quick, and by the time I had made my meal, she was done eating. This is when having multiple food allergies is somewhat depressing. Top that cake off with the fact that we headed to Fran's for Saturday night dinner and there was no way her kitchen is ready for a gf gal, so I was a bit overwhelmed, annoyed, and hungry. 

So to the staff and owners of Atiya Ola's thank you. 

I will definitely be returning again, especially since their breakfast includes gluten free pancakes, and I am told a raw gluten free cake!!


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