Blue Route Taco Truck, Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting


Every Thursday night in July, Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting is hosting a Blue Route Taco Truck and Happy Hour!

This particular Whole Foods is massive in size! It is the king of all Whole Foods and to top that, it houses a Taco Truck on its rooftop!

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Before attending this event, I did some Googling to try and see what the menu looked like, what do the reviews say, and most importantly... are they gluten free? While there is not much information out there, the reviews seemed to LOVE the Blue Route Food Truck.

Reaching over 100 degrees today, the rooftop cafe was closed and the indoor pub hosted the Taco Night event - the live music did not happen. 

I spoke with the chef who seemed pretty sure that everything was gluten I decided to live a little (that and I was already starving) and try the "famous" tacos. I went the safe route and had the Grilled Vegetable Taco with Black Beans & Jicama. 

The corn flour tacos came out double wrapped and with yellow Spanish onions, summer squash, red and yellow bell peppers, japaleno peppers, black beans, jicama and spices - well at least this is what the menu said it would come with.

What I got was a tasteless, very bland, dry taco. Maybe I had two pieces of pepper, not sure that I saw any japaleno or summer squash and as for the spices...they did not exists. Good thing these tacos totaled $5.00 because they really are not worth more than that. 

While the rest of my party enjoyed their I did not. I was rather disappointed. 


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