Gluten Free at The Great American Pub, Wayne PA

After a crazy week, I figured I deserved a nice night out with the girls. We headed to the Wayne area and decided to try the famous Great American Pub.

Prior to dinner, I called in advance to discuss the gluten free options available. The manager assured me they had a gluten free menu. YAY, they are making it easy on me!

Dinner rolled around and as promised, they do have a printed copy of their gluten free dinner options.
I ordered the Grilled Calamari salad.

Looks delicious, right? Well it was (honestly flavor was terrific), until about the third bite in and I realized my stomach was not loving it. I just figured, whatever, my stomach has been a little touchy all day. Then another bite or two in and I realized, BOOM there are croutons in this salad! Are we kidding, why are they hidden on the bottom of the plate, was this waiter trying to purposefully kill me?

Regardless of the reason for croutons, I had clearly let the waiter know upon ordering that I needed the salad to be gluten free. I will never again return to the Great American Pub and I will be sure to spread the word as the service was unsatisfactory and clearly the meal was as well.


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