Half Way Through the Year - where are my New Year's Predictions At?

My 2012 Year Predictions
1. Get a promotion (Just started my position, but I would really like to have a promotion by this time next year)
I have been fortunate to not only have had multiple promotions, but I am now off my contract and officially an employee --- woop woop! 


2. Have more money into my savings account (Going to try the whole savings thing- we will see how well that works out while paying back some hefty student loans)
I worked my butt off and put in plenty of overtime - but yes, I do now have more in my savings than what I started with!


3. Have had 1 successful sister trip (I am already trying to get the girls to plan a spring/summer trip)
An August trip to visit the grandparents is already in the works


4. Exercise 5 of the 7 days in the week (I really need to start regaining my muscle back)
So, I may not be working out 5 of the 7 days, but I do now have a personal trainer and I am pretty religious about adhering to my workout schedules. 


5. Be surrounded by those I love. (This year was hard- lost a lot of people in my life and decided I am going to start a new in 2012)
I'm working on this one... :D


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