Il Rimedio, Philadelphia - Gluten Free?!

Ah- Summer Sundays -perfect for alfresco brunches

Being gluten / dairy free doesn't mean you can't enjoy all of the above, right?

What use to be RX is now Il Rimedio - so I thought no better place to start our gf brunch hunt but here...

I asked the waitress what would be the best gluten free option and her unsure answer scared me enough, that I requested she speak directly with the chef prior to offering suggestions. The waitress returned and informed me that I could choose between all the Benedict options, minus the muffins, or oatmeal. Again, this answered made me a bit nervous, I thought to myself, OATMEAL...was she kidding me? 

The family was already in the restaurant, starving,and ready to order, so I made a quick whim and ordered the House Smoked Trout. While the flavor was not bad; to be honest, it was one of those dishes that your first bite of everything was great, but as the dish quickly cooled and overcooked itself, eh not so much. Besides the taste factor, was my meal really gluten free? Quickly after my first couple bites, I knew the dish was in fact not same for those of us on a gluten free diet.  

I must say, I have learned my lesson and will continue to hunt for a delicious and safe gluten free menu. 


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