Moonlight Movies at Lovett Library Park

Yay, it is Friday, and it couldn't have come soon enough this week!

Looking for something to do? With the gorgeous weather- why not do something outdoors? Head to Mount Airy every Friday for a Moonlight movie and snacks.

Seating starts around 8:00pm and the movie starts closer to 8:30pm. Sam and I went straight from work to the Germantown/ Mount Airy area so decided to grab some dinner. Being in the area, I couldn't help but grab something from my good friends at Food For All. Food For All offers an allergy free dinning experience for all ;D

This time around, I ordered the Veggielicious to go.

Then we walked around a bit, and then something about Earth - Bread & Brewery attracted us. We went into what seemed like a very small and crowded cafe/ restaurant. We waited for about 10 - 15 minutes and was then escorted upstairs to a rather large dinning area. 

Sam ordered the Avocado Salad (the night's special) and the MEATarian flatbread. 

All the guests plates looked amazing and well thought out in design. The service was amazing. Our waiter and bus boy arrived with a smile each time they attended to us. Both gentleman where pleasant and clearly enjoyed their job. 

We will be sure to come back for Quizzo on Wednesday nights at 9:00pm and I will defiantly further investigate if they offer gluten free options. Needless to say, Earth-Bread & Brewery has been added to one of my favorites list. 

As for the movie, Wizard of Oz was playing and minus the bugs, it was a great night. 



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