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Xilantro, Wayne, PA Fabulous and Gluten Free

After the week I had, and the weekend I am about to go into, all I needed was some good girl time - so thanks to a good friend of mine for delivering on that.

Friday, I booked it out of work (that is after the two fire drills we had) and a friend of mine and I went food shopping. I am in love with Wegmens. 
We made a pizza cheese dip and tomato and mozzarella skewers for a graduation party this weekend. Then we caught the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, well done London! I can't wrap my head around the fact that most, if not all, of the participants were volunteers. The time and effort they must have put into this one event - amazing! 
 Reluctantly we got our butts off the couch and headed into the adorable city of Wayne. The girls requested a tequila night and my trainer had recommended this place. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive because our last girls night ended with croutons in my salad and the reviews for Xilantro really are not awesome. A lot of complaints about the…

Hannah-G's Cafe- Atlantic City - Gluten Free Getaway

What better way to spend a weekend in July than on the beach? Seriously, the beach is the ultimate relaxation zone. It makes those of us that don't know how to relax...well...relax.

While in AC, NJ I of course stopped in at the Casinos, I even caught a comedy show. All of which was good times, but what seemed to be the highlight for me was finding Hannah-Gs
Ventnor, NJ is a good 30 minutes, with no traffic from AC, but well worth the drive. Being great with directions as I am, we GPSd our way there. When we found the cafe, it was packed - I figured that was a good sign. The place must be good, right? Right! It was a cute petite cafe that was pretty good about turning tables and keeping the wait time to a minimum. 
I had a hard time deciding between the gf blueberry pancakes and the Ranchero Eggs on Quinoa. 

In the end I went for the poached eggs and fresh salsa! To my surprise, the plate also included a piece of gluten free peach bread (YUMMY). 
Verdict? The food was good, atmos…

Gluten Free at Citizens Bank Park - Go Phillies!

Last night I attended the Gluten Free event at Citizens Bank Park.

Despite the extremely cold weather, rain, and of course strong winds - I was determined to attend, not only my first ever Phillies game, but my first ever gluten free event.

I arrived at the park, found my seat, and headed to the gluten free designated food area. The line was long...the staff was, well understaffed, and the food, well gross.

Choices where limited...I mean, I guess it is a ball park so I can't get fancy here - but I was hopeful for a soft pretzel, designated gf df ice cream, maybe a salad or two....nope our choices where a hotdog, pizza, or chicken sandwich. All of which where more expensive than they should have been. I opted for a chicken sandwich on a gluten free roll (which, as expected was a bit dry...not really there fault). The chicken was cold, dry, and "stringy".

I grabbed the brownie out of an impulse buy and well - 500 calories later and I felt sick.

It's great people are ma…

Steak Dinner for One

One grilled steak with a heaping spoonful of white balsamic garlic mashed potatoes all topped with a cocoa rum cherry sauce.
Cocoa Rum Sauce: CherriesMushroomsOlive OilButterPink Sea SaltCocoaCorn StarchRum of choice  Simply saute your mushrooms. Add in the cherries and butter. Sprinkle a little cocoa and corn starch and right before the sauce is done, add a little rum.

Soup for the Summer

The outside may be unbearably hot, but inside, the AC is keeping things a bit Chilly. 

I went HOTT with this soup. I tossed in some of the following ingredients: * Kale *Garlic *Zucchini *Radish *Scallions *Paprika *Salt and Pepper *Tomato *HANDFUL of hot Chilies 
Result? A tasteful soup with a big kick. 

This Summer's Firsts

1. Kimichi
2. Mangos
3. Strawberry Papaya
4. Grilled Lettuce
5. Grilled Whole Garlic CLoves

What's next?
1. My first Philly's Game
2. Making my own Kimichi

El Vez, Philadelphia Gluten Free

Happy 4th of July!
Being the individual that I am, I typically don't spend holidays the "traditional" or expected ways. Instead, I like to do my own thing, whatever I am in the mood for I fly with it. For me, this typically involves my family and loved one.

This year, with the 4th landing on a Wednesday and not having the following day off work, I didn't want to do anything too extravagant. I had hoped to sleep in, but..... that never happens. Instead, I laid in bed while I accomplished a good bit of work that I had been previously trying to avoid. Then I headed to the city with a friend and we grabbed a movie - of course, what else would we have chosen besides Magic Mike.  Let's be honest- I could watch this on a daily basis - ladies, you know what I am talking about.
Anyhow, after the movie we took a stroll through the Park Way (Philadelphia, PA) and then hunted (seriously, it turned into a project with a gluten free, dairy free, corn free, and one with Crohn&#…

Have you heard of a Dosakai?

In the store it smelled like an apricot, but when we got home and cut into looked like a little melon. However, this baby is a yellow Indian cucumber called Dosakai.