El Vez, Philadelphia Gluten Free

Happy 4th of July!

Photo belongs to Sacbee

Being the individual that I am, I typically don't spend holidays the "traditional" or expected ways. Instead, I like to do my own thing, whatever I am in the mood for I fly with it. For me, this typically involves my family and loved one.

This year, with the 4th landing on a Wednesday and not having the following day off work, I didn't want to do anything too extravagant. I had hoped to sleep in, but..... that never happens. Instead, I laid in bed while I accomplished a good bit of work that I had been previously trying to avoid. Then I headed to the city with a friend and we grabbed a movie - of course, what else would we have chosen besides Magic Mike.  Let's be honest- I could watch this on a daily basis - ladies, you know what I am talking about.

Anyhow, after the movie we took a stroll through the Park Way (Philadelphia, PA) and then hunted (seriously, it turned into a project with a gluten free, dairy free, corn free, and one with Crohn's) for some food. After a long hunt, I turned my head and saw El Vez. It had been on my to do list for some time, so why not eat a Mexican dish on America's birthday?! 

The El Vez virgins that we were, we headed in. We had the option to sit at a high-top table or wait 30 minutes, so we took the high-top. We had no idea that this table was in the most awkward area - behind the photo booth and in front of the stairs - AWKWARD! 

Despite the awkward seating, the waitress was extremely accommodating, attentive, and clearly enjoyed her position. 

I ordered the Tito Santana guacamole (mango, papaya, chipotle peppers, red and white onions) and asked to skip the chips and instead pile it over a bed of lettuce and top it with some hot sauce. This dish was amazing - I cleared my plate!

Dani ordered the Pibil pork tacos (slow roasted pork, avocado salsa, smoked jalapeño vinaigrette) 

Photo from Foodspotting

After show downed those, she was craving the Macho Nachos (shredded steak, black beans, smoked chili salsa, crema fresca, white cheddar, monterey jack) so of course we had to order a plate of those as well.

This year was a terrific and probably my best 4th of July ever! Thank you to everyone that made it so special!


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