Gluten Free at Citizens Bank Park - Go Phillies!

Last night I attended the Gluten Free event at Citizens Bank Park.

Despite the extremely cold weather, rain, and of course strong winds - I was determined to attend, not only my first ever Phillies game, but my first ever gluten free event.

I arrived at the park, found my seat, and headed to the gluten free designated food area. The line was long...the staff was, well understaffed, and the food, well gross.

Choices where limited...I mean, I guess it is a ball park so I can't get fancy here - but I was hopeful for a soft pretzel, designated gf df ice cream, maybe a salad or two....nope our choices where a hotdog, pizza, or chicken sandwich. All of which where more expensive than they should have been. I opted for a chicken sandwich on a gluten free roll (which, as expected was a bit dry...not really there fault). The chicken was cold, dry, and "stringy".

I grabbed the brownie out of an impulse buy and well - 500 calories later and I felt sick.

It's great people are making an effort to acknowledge those of us that are gluten free. However, those of us that our gluten free also find we have multiple food allergies. I am a gluten free, dairy free, corn free (very recently) girl. So despite my excitement for gluten free options, I still wound up sick :( Plus, I would have liked to see some healthier, veggie friendly options.

Thanks anyhow Philly.


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