Hannah-G's Cafe- Atlantic City - Gluten Free Getaway

What better way to spend a weekend in July than on the beach? Seriously, the beach is the ultimate relaxation zone. It makes those of us that don't know how to relax...well...relax.

While in AC, NJ I of course stopped in at the Casinos, I even caught a comedy show. All of which was good times, but what seemed to be the highlight for me was finding Hannah-Gs

Ventnor, NJ is a good 30 minutes, with no traffic from AC, but well worth the drive. Being great with directions as I am, we GPSd our way there. When we found the cafe, it was packed - I figured that was a good sign. The place must be good, right? Right! It was a cute petite cafe that was pretty good about turning tables and keeping the wait time to a minimum. 

I had a hard time deciding between the gf blueberry pancakes and the Ranchero Eggs on Quinoa. 

In the end I went for the poached eggs and fresh salsa! To my surprise, the plate also included a piece of gluten free peach bread (YUMMY). 

Verdict? The food was good, atmosphere was good, service was horrible. I'm not sure if it was the fact that we were a party of 5 or what...but the waiter forgot to bring a couple of our side dishes to the table, that of which she did not apologize for, drink refills where slow, and overall attention was poor. 

Honestly though, I think the poor service was just our table - so please don't let this one time experience stop you from trying Hannah-Gs. They offer a fabulous gluten free menu, and after I was done eating- I felt just fine. 

Thanks Hannah-Gs. 


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