Xilantro, Wayne, PA Fabulous and Gluten Free

After the week I had, and the weekend I am about to go into, all I needed was some good girl time - so thanks to a good friend of mine for delivering on that.

Friday, I booked it out of work (that is after the two fire drills we had) and a friend of mine and I went food shopping. I am in love with Wegmens. 

We made a pizza cheese dip and tomato and mozzarella skewers for a graduation party this weekend. Then we caught the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, well done London! I can't wrap my head around the fact that most, if not all, of the participants were volunteers. The time and effort they must have put into this one event - amazing! 

 Reluctantly we got our butts off the couch and headed into the adorable city of Wayne. The girls requested a tequila night and my trainer had recommended this place. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive because our last girls night ended with croutons in my salad and the reviews for Xilantro really are not awesome. A lot of complaints about the dishes having a lack of taste and portions being too small for the price. 

We got there a little early so we volunteered to sit at the bar. While waiting we ordered drinks and of course some guacamole. We had been counting down all day the time left until our faces would be engulfed in guacamole. 
Now, I did not try the guacamole because we were sharing and the girls had ordered the corn chips and with me being on a corn free diet - I figured I best behave. BUT, the girls said it was amazing and that it had a great 'kick' to it. I myself enjoyed a couple of their drinks ;D

Xilantro's staff was very professional and friendly. In fact, we got wrapped into a rather intellectual conversation with our bartender and we became so distracted that our table had been ready for us for a good 20 minutes before we sat down.

Upon sitting, I asked the hostess if there was a separate gluten free menu and she said, no but most of the items are gluten free on our menu. Your waiter today is excellent and is well educated on gluten free needs. Ok, this makes me feel pretty confident - but still a tad bit apprehensive since my last experience in Wayne, PA.

We had been stalking the waiters throughout the night trying to catch a glimpse of everyone's dishes and drinks. In my observation I noticed that the appetizers are VERY small (kind of expected for a 'fancy' Mexican restaurant) and the entrees appeared to be rather plentiful.

The time to order was upon us, AH what do I order, I really don't want to spend the evening sick because of contamination - so I played the safe card and ordered a salad. I spoke with the waitress and let her know that I was gluten and dairy free. Would she mind creating a salad for me, and one that instead of salad dressing had their pica de galla? One mistake on my part, I forgot to mention my new restriction, that is that I am corn free...woops. Anyhow, not too long of a wait and out came our selections --- I'm nervous!

 Here is it the salad she ever so kindly created for me. Minus the corn strips (mistake on my part and easily removable) the salad was amazing. The flavor was there and the pica de galla was a good call because it added the necessary spice to it that I was looking for. Listen to what I just said, a salad, a plain Jane salad was amazing? It's not often that you get that. Clearly their ingredients were fresh.

Now, I didn't annoy everyone at the table and take an entire photo shoot of their meals. To be honest it was hard enough just to get this one because the food came to our table and the dishes aroma was rather inviting and the presentation was so well done, that my guests started digging into their meals before I even had the opportunity to snap a photo. I did manage to get this one in.... Rebecca ordered the Chile Margarita. Looks amazing right? Well she seemed to enjoy it! Another guest ordered the Enchiladas and the last guest ordered one of the chicken dishes. No matter, whatever she ordered, they all enjoyed their meals just as much, if not more than I had. 

Verdict, the reviews lie! The atmosphere was amazing. The service was the best service I have experienced in a long time. Honestly, the servers where so accommodating and polite, you couldn't tell the difference between your waiter/ess, buss boy, etc. They were all very wonderful. The presentation was sexy and the dishes were flavorful and fresh. 

Before heading out, we of courses ended the night with one last drink :D

The only negative of the entire night, there wasn't enough room for us to sit outside...not really their fault, but still had a great time. Thank you Xilantro for bringing an upscale Mexican restaurant to Wayne, PA. 


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