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Gluten Free Lunches

Zucchini Pasta
The love of my life and a quick toss for an easy GF lunch.
Slice your zucchini, toss in some other veggies (onions, peppers, oyster mushrooms, spinach, tomato, shallots...) add some fresh herbs ( I used Cilantro). For the dressing I used apple cider vinegar, lemon and lime juice, minced garlic, and a touch of olive oil. 

For the Love of Philly

Philly really is an amazing city to live in. There is always something going on, and even better, there are a handful of free events to attend! One of my favorite free events to attend is movies in the park!!

This week, Fran and I decided to walk rather than take a trolley! I'm glad we did, because Philly is a beautiful city!

This time around, Fran and I made sure we packed our picnic! This year, we did not want to look like outsiders! :D

Capagiro, Philadelphia, PA

Capogiro. YUM! Seriously, need I say anything more than Capa… in Philadelphia and a complete stranger can complete the word for you. True story – I was walking towards Capogiro one evening and honestly, all that I got out was CAPA… and a bystander yelled our Capogiro! It’s a small piece of heaven! Well, maybe it’s actually a fairly decent size piece of heaven. As I imagine, heaven is something like a rich creamy gelato. Why not?
Anyhow, the night that my aunt was in town, Fran (my oldest sister) decided to embark on this opportunity and take my aunt to the best dessert joint in Philadelphia.
While it may be expensive, Capogiro is well worth shelling out the big bucks. I don’t know what makes the experience better, the fact that they offer dairy free options, or that their flavors change daily according to the seasons.
Bottom line, if you have not yet been to Capogiro, you should schedule in some time and go!

Serafinas, Philadelphia - Gluten Free

When family is coming into town, it is not typically the ideal time for one to try a new restaurant. Liking a challenge and knowing that Philadelphia has a lot of amazing food to offer, I figured why not!? 
I recently come across Serafinas and added it to my must try gluten free options in Philadelphia, PA list; the menu options even include spaghetti squash!
Serafinas is a native New York chain restaurant and since opening in Rittenhouse, I want to say, about a year ago - their reviews have been iffy. Some critics say the food is over cooked and tasteless, others say food is expensive and atmosphere is crowded and loud. 
This may sounds odd, but whenever I am going to eat out I like to try and always go to a new place. Yes, I have been to a number of restaurants and have my favorites, but with all that Philadelphia has to offer, I like to explore the new dishes and the amazing talent from our local chefs. 
Brave as I may be, we scheduled a reservation at Serafinas.
My sister and I ar…

Check out my interview with the Patriot News

I am excited to share this article and I hope it helps those that may be suffering with a chronic disease, learn how to cope, go on and enjoy life. Just because life tosses an obstacle at you, does not mean you can't dodge the bullet and have a fun-filled, adventurous life. 
Managing a Chronic Disease as a College Student

Philadelphia Dollar Stroll

$1 Deals on Baltimore Avenue!

Dollar Stroll only happens, but a couple of times a year, and I was sure to not miss out! It was a toss up, Dollar Stroll or Night Marketing in Mt. Airy.....hmm decisions? Dollar Stroll won, on account that I was hungry and didn't really want to deal with the ridiculous lines. 

Here is the big question, can someone who is gluten free and working on the dairy and corn free part enjoy an event like Dollar Stroll or Night Market? Of course we can! It may be far less choices, but with a little research, we too can enjoy social outings such as these. 
Some of the gluten free options at Dollar Stroll night included: Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods, Mariposa Food Co-Op, and of course all the non food deals! Mariposa was offering Banana Whips - one of my all time favorites! 

But, the lines where long and I was starting to get rather famished so dinner time it was! The group decided on The Gold Standard Cafe. I spoke with the waiter who suggested a salad or…

Gluten Free Dinner Under 30 - Part 8

Gluten Free Vegetable Soup
* A golden zucchini
* Tomatoes
*Red onions
*Basil, Oregano, and Parsley
* Kale
* Warm water
* Carrots

Steam your veggies. Blend your veggies. Mix in some seasonings. Enjoy.

Raw Can Roll Cafe, Wayne PA

After having my first raw food experience at Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods, I have been on a hunt for more options closer to work and home. After a little bit of Google searching I found that Raw Can Roll was soon coming to Wayne, PA. YAY! I marked the opening date on my calendar and waited patiently for opening day to arrive!

I was pretty sure that no one I know was going to join me on this adventure, so I had planned on enjoying this raw food experience solo. I should never assume. A couple co-workers of mine wanted to schedule in a lunch date and after having suggested a number of non-gluten free friendly places, I tossed in a couple gluten free friendly places as suggestions. To my amazement, they both picked the raw food option. Really, did that just happen? I guess I was wrong, some people are more adventurous in food than I give them credit for. Now, the day came for our lunch date and one invitee dropped out, but that didn't stop Liz and I from venturing out.

Raw Can …

Summer is wrapping up

With Fall just around the corner, you have to squeeze in all the last minute summer activities before the leaves start to fall and the nights begin to cool down.

Last weekend we had, what will probably be our last, summer cookout and bon-fire.  Great food, great company, and great activities. We had our go at hula hooping :D Some of us got it a little bit better than others.

We laid out by the fire and watched the meteor shower while the boys told ghost stories. Warrping the evening up we headed inside to begin watching My Cousin Vinny - one of best movies ever! "What's the matter with you?"

Sunday we woke up slowly, made a big breakfast and finished My Cousin Vinny. Got ourselves ready and headed to a baseball game. My God was it hot out!? There was a moment or two that I thought I might pass out! Minus the passing out aspect, I had a great time. Oh, and of course, after going to a baseball game, you need to then go home on a lazy Sunday night and watch a baseball movie…

Vegetable Noodles

I am officially addicted! I finally found a julienne peeler and now I can't stop!