Capagiro, Philadelphia, PA

Capogiro. YUM! Seriously, need I say anything more than Capa… in Philadelphia and a complete stranger can complete the word for you. True story – I was walking towards Capogiro one evening and honestly, all that I got out was CAPA… and a bystander yelled our Capogiro! It’s a small piece of heaven! Well, maybe it’s actually a fairly decent size piece of heaven. As I imagine, heaven is something like a rich creamy gelato. Why not?

Anyhow, the night that my aunt was in town, Fran (my oldest sister) decided to embark on this opportunity and take my aunt to the best dessert joint in Philadelphia.

While it may be expensive, Capogiro is well worth shelling out the big bucks. I don’t know what makes the experience better, the fact that they offer dairy free options, or that their flavors change daily according to the seasons.

Bottom line, if you have not yet been to Capogiro, you should schedule in some time and go!


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