Philadelphia Dollar Stroll

$1 Deals on Baltimore Avenue!

Dollar Stroll only happens, but a couple of times a year, and I was sure to not miss out! It was a toss up, Dollar Stroll or Night Marketing in Mt. Airy.....hmm decisions? Dollar Stroll won, on account that I was hungry and didn't really want to deal with the ridiculous lines. 

Here is the big question, can someone who is gluten free and working on the dairy and corn free part enjoy an event like Dollar Stroll or Night Market? Of course we can! It may be far less choices, but with a little research, we too can enjoy social outings such as these. 

Some of the gluten free options at Dollar Stroll night included: Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods, Mariposa Food Co-Op, and of course all the non food deals! Mariposa was offering Banana Whips - one of my all time favorites! 

But, the lines where long and I was starting to get rather famished so dinner time it was! The group decided on The Gold Standard Cafe. I spoke with the waiter who suggested a salad or bun-less burger. For as much as my sister talks up this place, I didn't really see one thing that caught my eye - so like always I ordered a tossed salad and a side of steamed vegetables. I ordered the salad without a dressing and asked for a salsa instead. Eh- atmosphere was great but food was tasteless, boring, and slathered in butter so I didn't even end up eating most of it. Is The Gold Standard Cafe a good place for gf-ers? My vote is a no. I guess I am just getting use to extraordinarily good salads with fresh ingredients and herbs. 

Be sure to check out the next Dollar Stroll event scheduled for September 20th.


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