Raw Can Roll Cafe, Wayne PA

After having my first raw food experience at Atiya Ola's Spirit First Foods, I have been on a hunt for more options closer to work and home. After a little bit of Google searching I found that Raw Can Roll was soon coming to Wayne, PA. YAY! I marked the opening date on my calendar and waited patiently for opening day to arrive!

I was pretty sure that no one I know was going to join me on this adventure, so I had planned on enjoying this raw food experience solo. I should never assume. A couple co-workers of mine wanted to schedule in a lunch date and after having suggested a number of non-gluten free friendly places, I tossed in a couple gluten free friendly places as suggestions. To my amazement, they both picked the raw food option. Really, did that just happen? I guess I was wrong, some people are more adventurous in food than I give them credit for. Now, the day came for our lunch date and one invitee dropped out, but that didn't stop Liz and I from venturing out.

Raw Can Roll, is located right in front of the Whole Foods in Wayne, PA and parking is right in front of the cafe. As we walked in I was starting to get a little nervous that my co-worker would not enjoy the food, or that we would leave hungry.

My first impression? The cafe is a cozy petite settings with a welcoming staff. The staff appeared to be related and/or very close friends which makes for a great hospitality recipe!

While the daily specials sounded amazing, I decided to go for the sampler platter and try a little bit of everything.

The sampler platter included: Hummus with a side of their onion chips, one side ( I choose the marinated onions and portobello mushrooms) a side salad, ( I choose the house creamy tahini dressing) zucchini pasta ( I choose the blush sauce, which is a mix of the tomato and alfredo sauce), and a spring roll with a tahini ginger dipping sauce. 

Honestly, if I had to pick just one thing that I enjoyed the most, it  is a tough call, but I would have to say the hummus was the most amazing, creamy hummus I have yet to have. You know I am serious when I say my co-worker actually purchased a pound container to go  home. 

The entire meal was fresh, full of flavor, filling, and exciting. You can be sure that both myself and my co-worker will be back to try yet another dish! I have even begun recruiting other co-workers to go and enjoy lunch at Raw Can Roll V. running into the Whole Foods' salad bar. 

A couple other items that looked amazing!

A very refreshing smoothie - Blueberry Hill

Macaroons. The waiter was kind enough to mix it up and give us 2 cacao and 2 blondes :D


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