Serafinas, Philadelphia - Gluten Free

When family is coming into town, it is not typically the ideal time for one to try a new restaurant. Liking a challenge and knowing that Philadelphia has a lot of amazing food to offer, I figured why not!? 

I recently come across Serafinas and added it to my must try gluten free options in Philadelphia, PA list; the menu options even include spaghetti squash!

Serafinas is a native New York chain restaurant and since opening in Rittenhouse, I want to say, about a year ago - their reviews have been iffy. Some critics say the food is over cooked and tasteless, others say food is expensive and atmosphere is crowded and loud. 

This may sounds odd, but whenever I am going to eat out I like to try and always go to a new place. Yes, I have been to a number of restaurants and have my favorites, but with all that Philadelphia has to offer, I like to explore the new dishes and the amazing talent from our local chefs. 

Brave as I may be, we scheduled a reservation at Serafinas.

My sister and I arrived at the restaurant a bit earlier than our aunt so we started with some drinks. 
I can't remember the name of the drinks, but I do remember enjoying them.

Immediately, my sister and I decided this may have not been the best restaurant choice for a family reunion, as it is crowded and a bit loud. Honestly, it reminded me of a typical New York city restaurant. The tables where so close to one another that at one point in the night, Fran spilled her water and the gentlemen at the table next to us, ended up wearing it. 

On to the food, I ordered the salmon with lentils and asked for it to be cooked medium rare. While, I had hoped the salmon would have been just slightly more pink, it was moist and full of flavor. The lentils were cooked al dente, just as they should be. 

My aunt ordered the calamari salad and noted it was a bit salty. All in all, our experience with Serafinas' was not bad. Not excellent, but not terrible. The food was ok - a little on the salty side is an accurate statement, but the service was wonderful and of course the time spent with family will always be treasured. Price wise, it was a typical, on average $20 per plate affair. 


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