Summer is wrapping up

With Fall just around the corner, you have to squeeze in all the last minute summer activities before the leaves start to fall and the nights begin to cool down.

Last weekend we had, what will probably be our last, summer cookout and bon-fire.  Great food, great company, and great activities. We had our go at hula hooping :D Some of us got it a little bit better than others.

We laid out by the fire and watched the meteor shower while the boys told ghost stories. Warrping the evening up we headed inside to begin watching My Cousin Vinny - one of best movies ever! "What's the matter with you?"

Sunday we woke up slowly, made a big breakfast and finished My Cousin Vinny. Got ourselves ready and headed to a baseball game. My God was it hot out!? There was a moment or two that I thought I might pass out! Minus the passing out aspect, I had a great time. Oh, and of course, after going to a baseball game, you need to then go home on a lazy Sunday night and watch a baseball movie - majority vote ruled - A League of Their Own won. Another great movie!


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