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Gluten Free at Xfinity Live, Philadelphia PA

I may not be an avid sports fan, but why not support the local team?

I have been to two games this year. My first Phillies experience - as well as my first major league baseball experience - was for the Celiac Awareness Night at the Phillies. I had a decent time - so when the opportunity came up to attend another game I felt obligated to give it another go.

This time, we decided to skip the baseball food and check out Xfinity Live. Victory Brew Hall is awesome in the fact that they clearly mark some of their gluten free options right on the menu. However, there food - eh not so good. I decided to go crazy and order the buffalo chicken salad - it use to be a favorite of mine when I a wee little thing. Anyhow, without heading down memory lane, the salad was tasteless and the chicken strangely reminded me of canned chicken. Seriously? The portion size was a bit small than I had accepted as well. The salad dressing - hmm let's put it this way, I know it has been a VERY long time since…

Creative Side of Things - Part II

Second round...much better :D

Azie on Main, Gluten Free Menu

Azie on Main, offers a decent sized gluten free menu - including appetizers, main dishes, and dessert options!
My first impression of this Asian restaurant - the atmosphere was very hip, modern, fun- it was like a vortex that sucked you into all the 'excitement'. My date and I decided to share the Shasimi Platter. 
This was my first experience in raw fish and it was delicious, I think my favorite was the fluke fish.  It was almost clear in color and light in taste - it paired well with the riesling and gluten free soy sauce. Now for the main course - Grilled Tuna! The grilled tuna was cooked just right, but there was something a little off - maybe it was the fact that I enjoyed the appetizer so much, but the main dish was lacking that wow factor for me. It wasn't horrible, but there was nothing that popped, even the mango salsa was a bit on the bland side for me. Lastly, dessert time! I ordered the chocolate fondue!  Really, it's warm chocolate... need I say more?

Gluten free, oven baked Kale chips

My first go at kale chips - delicious!

Exploring my crafty side...Well trying to

Magazine bowl anyone? I think I need to take another stab at it. The base and inside look fine, but the outside is a little rough.

La Festa Italiana, Scranton, PA

Even at the La Festa Italina gluten free food can be found!

Now, because the stand also offered waffle bowls, I didn't dare order something. Still, it was nice to see gluten free options at such a large festival. 

Miller's Hot and Spicy Gluten Free Mustard

Yet another gluten free hidden treasure in my grandparents' kitchen pantry.

The picture does not do this mustard justice. This was a 64oz jar of mustard in my grandparents' kitchen pantry. Let me ask, what in God's name are my grandparents going to do with this much mustard? The question may go unanswered indefinitely.
My view on Miller's Mustard: Delicious! Rather addicting. I put this mustard on everything I could find. I made zucchini pasta with it, deviled eggs, macaroni and "cheeze", the ideas are endless. I now understand why my grandparents have a 64 oz jar. I opened the jar on Saturday and by Monday afternoon, half the jar was gone! 

Gluten Free while Traveling

There are some weekends I absolutely hate traveling! It's enough to have pack clothes and what not, two + hour long drive, PLUS to consider gf,df,cf, safe meals on top of all that gets to be a real pain in the ass. 
This past weekend, I had planned to visit my grandparents in NEPA for the Italian festival. Last minute, I really did not feel like packing - so I grabbed some clothes and headed out to pick Fran up. Mia, was coming in on Saturday and would bring food from my parents. I figured, no big deal, I will sleep in and then Mia will be here with food. Wrong. Mia wasn't feeling so well and ran into a bunch of delays. I was left hungry and in a panic as to what I was going to find to eat now. My grandparents legit live in the middle of nowhere, so to have to go out and find breakfast would be a pain in the butt. 
Brave as ever, I took a look at the kitchen pantry. To my amazement, I found breakfast fairly easy. 

I found a bag of brown rice and quinoa, an unopened jar of orga…